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  1. Can I lock the car with the spare key, and leave the normal key in it while it is in the READY state?
  2. I live in a hilly area and do short journeys. Is it right that my hybrid 2.5l RAV IV only does between 25 and 30 mpg? And only does about 45mpg on a long run? Thanks.
  3. Does anyone else have issues playing music from phone via the car's radio Bluetooth? If I am playing music on my phone, If I star the car, the radio plays about 2 seconds when the phone switches over automatically to the Bluetooth radio. I can stop and play using the Bluetooth onscreen display, so the control of the music on the phone works, but I get no more sound. Thanks.
  4. No idea about the hard reset but thanks for the info, local Toyota dealer set to kph then back to mph and all good.
  5. Why does my RSA go red long before I have reached the mph speed limit? Is it setup for Kmh instead of mph, and if so, how do I change it? I do not have satnav. Thanks.
  6. Module is now installed, but even with button out and all autolock options disabled, when I get out of the car, sometimes it works fine when I lock the car, other times, with the car still unlocked after me getting out of it, I have to press the unlock button before I press the lock button to get the mirrors to fold.
  7. Can I get my 2018 RAV4 NON sat Nav upgraded for aauto? Thanks.
  8. Note to self: 86840-0F050 is Russian Nav High Module(Eastern Europe).
  9. Thank you very much for this answer. It explains it brilliantly
  10. I am in desperate need of the wiring diagrams for this car, where can I get them? Hmmm, I answered my own question by looking for haynes manuals, but does the haynes manual cover wiring from the CC button to the CC ECU? I am going to try to build a cct with a small PIC IC, which will hold the signal to the CC ECU as if I was holding the CC button in. Thanks.
  11. If you do the ebay thing where it ask you to define a car to see if the parts fit, the two options are something like 114KW or 145KW.
  12. What gives the extra 40hp in the other more powerful 2.5l petrol engine, in the hybrid model?
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