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  1. So did the change in 2007/8 swap the tyre on the back door for run-flats and a can of foam?
  2. Both are highly plausible! The point about the opening being restricted makes sense. I seen some, er, “adjusted” to allow wider opening but putting it underneath seems a more sensible solution, although equally stealable…Thanks for the responses!
  3. Hi All. I was wondering, just out of interest, if anyone knows why Toyota stopped placing the spare wheel on the rear door of the Mk 3 RAV. We have one and I’ve noticed it is in the minority being at the beginning of the production run. Apart from a potential propensity to rattle was there a more significant reason?
  4. Hi Billy. Sorry for not coming back sooner. The mechanic looking after the car has decided to buy it from us for some green roading so it will live to fight another day. Hopefully for a long time to come. Many thanks for the interest. .
  5. Hi All, we have had the pleasure of sharing a 1999 RAV for several years with a mate but sadly we are finally going to be putting it out to pasture. It has a broken front spring, and in order to pass an MOT due in November it will require new ball joints and wishbones too. Mechanically sound, in reasonable condition overall and with an impressive list of advisories that stay the same at each MOT, if we didn’t have more than enough cars between us (including a 2006 RAV) we’d probably bite the bullet and repair it. Given its condition and potential value as either one to repair oneself and keep it running or to cannibalise to keep another on the road, before accepting the £460 we have been offered by a recycling business then I thought it worth offering it here. Registered Jan 1999 - S-registration. RAV4 5-door RX Auto, with VX alloy wheels. The tyres are in excellent condition. C160,000 miles. Metallic Green. Far from perfect but lots of character. Starts first time every time, engine and gearbox work perfectly.. Never uses oil. Currently residing in Warwickshire. If you’re interested please be quick as we have limited space to store it. More details can be provided and questions answered but it needs to go within a week. Would be great to see the Green Goddess go to a better home than a scrapyard…
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