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  1. Thanks Luke, this is a good tip, I'm going to take your advice and do this from now on.
  2. I haven't driven regularly since I got the Corolla in September, it has often been sat for over a week and up to two. I've not had a problem with the battery but my brakes have often been stuck and then noisy in use. My Jaguar F-Type battery went flat in just over a week in the first lockdown and I had to start it with one of those little lithium ion jump packs. Speaking of whether a Corolla hybrid is all that, I was driving it today for the first time in a week or so and I was thinking it's the best car I've ever had, it's just so well suited for the roads I drive and the lifestyle I lead. I
  3. Received this email today: "Dear Watch Member, Yesterday, Saturday 16th January, a Hillingdon resident spotted a catalytic converter theft from a neighbour’s car in progress – the thieves had already removed the catalytic converter (it takes just 90 seconds) and they made off in a vehicle. An eyewitness managed to get a partial registration of the vehicle involved, and other members of NHW registered on OWL CCTV Watch came forwards with high definition CCTV images, from which the full registration was determined. Within a short time of the theft the information was called i
  4. I agree, the system does still become efficient after a longer warm up period. A 2 mile journey is pretty bad in winter. However, I did a 15 mile journey from Watford to Uxbridge on Boxing Day where the car was still warm from the previous journey and got 92 mpg on the app. The point is that winter temps in the U.K. shouldn’t prevent efficient running completely, just for shorter journeys.
  5. If the cost difference is negligible and you’re doing that much mileage I’d go for the 2.0. I have the 1.8, I do 6000-8000 miles a year but if I did 15000 plus and didn’t have to pay for my own fuel then I’d be all over the 2.0 like butter on toast.
  6. I’m a software developer at an autonomous vehicle company. Having watched some YouTube videos of this system I think it’s impressive and will only get better. However, it’s not safe or legal to take your hands off the wheel so these systems should only be used to finesse your normal steering inputs. I think the Toyota system is excellent at doing this already on the motorway when camera visibility is good and so I would stick with that system and consider it to be nothing more than an extra layer of safety that is never relied on as the primary decision maker for steering inputs.
  7. This What Car review: https://www.whatcar.com/toyota/corolla/hatchback/review/n18901 has a noise and vibration section. It mentions the 2.0 has acoustic glass on the side windows, which is a plus. It also notes extra road noise from the 18 inch wheels, which the Excel has. I wouldn’t describe my 1.8 Icon Tech on 16 inch wheels as quiet, although it’s OK until you reach motorway speeds and road/wind noise becomes noticeable. As ever I think a test drive and one that includes a motorway is the best course of action. Since you are concerned enough about noise to have added extra sound-proofing t
  8. It’s shocking how much difference the extra speed makes. I am currently doing my first ever “pump to pump” test on my 1.8. However, I am wondering why, as I don’t think it’s an accurate way of measuring consumption when using the “click to click” method (that most people arguing in the Autocar comment section seem to reference, in order to prove beyond doubt that their wildly excessive mpg claims are true and that their adversaries claims are clearly codswallop). This method relies on the idea that you are able to fill the tank to exactly the same level twice. However, the fuel pum
  9. I bought the 1.8 because I have a relaxed driving style and felt I’d get more satisfaction from maximising economy. I even went for the Icon Tech specifically because I wanted the 16” alloys as they are more efficient than the larger options. This is my preference. I think that if you sometimes wish your Prius had more power then you should test drive the Corolla 2.0 and try out a full throttle slip road merge and a fast overtake on a motorway. That’s where you’re going to see the benefit of the 2.0 over the 1.8.
  10. Please let us know how they feel and sound Taz!
  11. I’d get the GoodYear EfficientGrip Performance 2 as it won Auto Express’ 2020 tyre test and is a very decent price on Blackcircles.
  12. Very nice people on this forum, thanks guys! The journey was great, the adjustable lumbar support came in very handy so I felt pretty fresh after 4hr 30m of driving. I think the hybrid coaching part of the app still requires some improvements and it hasn’t quite picked up all parts of my journey (I’m sure they will continue to refine it). However, I do have a section that I’ve screenshotted between Wolverhampton (where I stopped at the services) and Preston (not sure why it stopped recording there). The ride and handling are far better than I expected, it felt like it was made spec
  13. Yes, I'm sure it just requires the dealer to enter some more details, the day I ordered the car I got a MyT activation email and I followed the instructions provided, I didn't enter a VIN. This is probably the process that all dealers should follow so that the customer can track their car right the way through order, production and delivery. Some individual salesmen may be more on top of the tech side than others. My Corolla (and I) will get a baptism of fire as I'm doing a 285mile journey straight after I collect it, that'll teach me how comfortable those seats are or aren't!
  14. I ordered a Corolla icon Tech 1.8 in Denim Blue on 16th August and was given an estimated delivery date of 30th September. The car arrived at the dealer today, earlier than expected, and I'm picking it up on Thursday 24th at 10:30am. While I was waiting for the car the MyT app tracked the build and once it was complete I saw the car connect to the server. The app then notified me of a feature called Hybrid Coaching, which logs your journeys and displays little icons with economy tips where it has detected harsh acceleration or braking. This feature showed me that the car was occasional
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