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  1. I put the fault checker in and it said it's the egr valve so at least now it makes sense
  2. I just went out for a spin and it happened again when I was at the lights. It sits one notch below 1000. When I got back home I put the AC on again and the revs started bouncing and then dropped out altogether, do you think it's likely to be a battery issue? It takes literally 10 seconds or more on the key to start when cold. It seems ok when I put the lights on but there is only one working at the moment. My worry is that if I've been sold a major lemon im put off to spend more and more just for more problems to occur or be discovered.
  3. Hi can anyone help? My auris cut out at the lights when in idle and also when I tried the air con in idle. Does anyone know of this being a problem for them. I just bought the car and will be servicing it if it isn't a big issue. Also the battery is too small so could that be an issue? Thanks guys
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