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  1. The compressor is always cutting in and out with the magnetic clutch (duty cycles) which gives the annoying jolts that people previously have complained about. I’d imagine hotwiring the clutch to the AC switch would make the car a little slower at all times, but instead would not cause jolts.
  2. Purely wondering but what would happen if I hotwired / recoded the magnetic clutch to always be on, making it so the compressor is always on? Yes, it would add more drag, but it would stop the annoying jolts.
  3. Just here to vouch for Wynns cat and O2 sensor cleaner. It helped a lot with some surging / vibration issues I had a while ago.
  4. Just to return to the original question for a minute - I've dealt with that issue / feature of the Aygo and I made a thread not too long ago about it as well. It's (mostly) just how it is. I decided to try adding slightly less gas o the AC system (I believe 340-360g is recommended, I tried with 280g) and it seems to cool just fine with just a little less hiccups during driving (none noticeable at highway speeds or when cruising in city in fifth gear, slight hiccups in fourth while cruising at 50 km/h). You can definitely still feel it when setting off if it kicks in at the wrong time, but it's not too bad.
  5. Yeah, it makes sense - I did notice that my AC never cooled properly and that it would always become really strainy on the engine after a few kilometers. It seems perfectly happy now!
  6. It's a simple test, I'll make sure to do that. I tried changing the cabin air filter (it was black and 90% blocked) and the AC seems much cooler and the compressor seems to work much easier now. Does it sound weird? It really doesn't seem like placebo, I can barely feel the AC kicking in now.
  7. Definitely worth a try, would the increased airflow make the AC performance better (thereby reducing stress on the motor?) Sounds plausible, I don't think my pollen filter has ever actually been changed (for 7 years)
  8. Hey Aygo-folks You may recognise me from my journey with my Aygo - all issues have been solved, car finally drives great with new O2 sensors and new mounts. Lovely. After having solved the running issues, I've finally been able to enjoy the car. This also means I've noticed the significant power loss when using AC. I do realise that this is just how it works with a small engine, but do you people also notice the power "surges" when accelerating? It definitely feels like a parachute folds out every now and then. It's also noticeable just going at a steady speed, and suddenly, you get a little jolt down your spine from the AC compressor. You can also feel the drag when coming on / off the throttle. Is this normal? If it is, then that's perfectly fine - using the AC with a few jolts is much nicer than sweating. Would you people reckon that regassing the system could help the power loss? Or is it a waste of money? Seems to cool OK, but I'm sure it could need servicing after 7 years. 2015 Mk2. Thanks.
  9. I don't think it has directly killed the rest first, but honestly I'll just change the dog bone first and see if that fixes the rest. Thanks man.
  10. Hey Aygo-owners I've decided that its time to change the lower engine mount, the big one that normally causes most trouble. I've sorted a few other things on the car making it drive great, it just needs to stop rocking forwards and backwards every single time I lift off the accelerator pedal. I've been able to diagnose the issue with a camera in the engine bay as well, clearly showing the engine rocking quite a lot forwards and backwards with knocking sounds. It's a 2015 Aygo. Is it hard to change the lower engine mount? Thanks.
  11. Hey people After a lot of snow and salt, my reverse camera has become very blurry. I've tried wiping off the camera but to no avail. The lens itself seems fine and without any obvious cracks or condensation, which is very weird. Is it a sealed unit, or can it be taken apart? I would imagine the actual lens is held in by glue, so I'm probably looking into replacing the entire unit, which doesn't seem too bad. Purely wondering if anyone has tried similar before? Thanks!
  12. Just an update: I updated the unit thanks to flash22's PM. It was a bit of a frightening process, as the unit would black screen (at the correct times), but after a few restarts, it all seems to work. I'm interested in seeing if that cleared my restart issue. It seems like both my previous OS2 and the new OS2 were 8.17, but I guess we'll never know if they applied some small changes to it.
  13. That would be very kind of you. It’s weird, the seller told me it was a 2020 unit (so are we going by the 8.10 or the 8.17 in relation to CarPlay? I’ll upload a picture in a moment to make sure all the numbers are correct)
  14. That’s totally my bad, I misread the details, it’s: OS1: 8.10 OS2: 8.17 does that sound up to date, and how exactly do I update the system? thanks!
  15. It says: Audio: 8.11 OS 1: 1.10 OS 2: 1.17 Is it possible to update the CarPlay units?
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