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  1. That's terrible! Are there any consumer laws that would help you through?
  2. In Denmark, we already use E10 in 95 octane petrols and E5 in 100 octane (say Shell V-Power). I'm not really sure if the ethanol content has anything to say in regards to the performance, but I'm sure it's the best to use E5 if it takes a while to use a full tank.
  3. Yeah, it makes sense. Is it purely placebo when I feel that the engine runs better on 95 octane? Everything in the books really tells that it should run better on 100 octane, but it just doesn't feel that way - feels better with 95.
  4. Hey people! What are your experiences with V-Power 100 octane? I've been shifting between both 95 and 100 octane, and the car honestly seems to run better on 95 octane. Is it pre-mapped to run on 95 or something? I have a mk2 2015. Would like to hear your experiences. Thank you!
  5. That sounds interesting - I've also had the same issue as people / OP have described earlier in the thread and seen people reccomend Wynn. Is this the one?
  6. Definitely the Brodit Proclip - I've bought one a few months ago and it's really good. You will need to be aware of two things: first, it's a two parter meaning you have to buy the Proclip as shown in the picture, and then an actual phone holder that you screw / tape onto the holder. The other thing is there are two versions - one that fits with AC and one that fits with climate control.
  7. The burning smell and the fact that there are grinding noises from the engine bay all indicate some kind of transmission or clutch issue to me. I've heard that it's relatively normal for the transmissions to sometimes go into N (neutral) and just not do anything. However, I've not heard of the above. It sounds like the clutch is not doing its job properly causing a burning smell and grinding gears. I can understand your hesitation from taking it in to Mr. T, but this might be something that will be worth the money having looked at.
  8. Thank you for the responses to both of you. I've heard that the Aygo uses engine mounts quicker than other engines because of the nature of the imbalance of the engine meaning more vibrations. However, I was pretty certain that engine mounts should last at least 10 years, possibly more, and this car is only slowly nearing 6 years of life. I'll be sure to go down and wiggle the engine a little and see if I can spot anything obvious on the mounts. Thanks!
  9. Hey people! I recently bought new summer tyres and wow, feels like a brand new car! The engine seems to still vibrate a little when hot, both at idle and at around 2000 revs. It also seems to jolt a little when going between engine braking and accelerating. It only does so after motorway driving and not after city driving. This gives me an idea that the engine mounts might need replacing. The car is 5.5 years old, so does that sound reasonable? And does it sound correct that the engine mounts might be worse when the engine bay is nice and hot (say only after motorway driving?)
  10. Haha, the above replies sum up the experience - it almost feels like a parachute if you're already engine braking. Thank you for the replies - the AC is still a nice bonus anyway, so I just have to get used to it!
  11. Hey guys! Can something be done to the airconditioning to make it less violent when the compressor turns on and off? You can definitely feel it kick on and off when driving, especially at lower RPM. Do you guys notice it, or do you just get used to the car jolting a little and the speed going up and down on the motorway / city driving? Thanks!
  12. Hey guys When the engine is 110% up to operating temperature. say after half an hour of driving on the motorway, the engine will rattle quite a lot under acceleration. It honestly sounds like the timing chain rattling. Happens between around 2-3k RPM and stops at anything higher. I'll link a clip below. It's kind of hard to hear, but you can tell that it's nearly gone when I gear down at the end of the clip. What can this be? I've had the chain tightened up and while my mechanic told me that the chain wasn't really stretched, it still helped on some engine vibration and some of the r
  13. Hi! I had a similar issue with mine. I had the chain tightened up, which did solve a lot of my issues. Seems to happen if the car wasn't serviced regularly enough.
  14. hello! service history is alright, with it going a little over service once back in 2016. the car was serviced back in september or so, and I was told by my mechanic to give it some good hot runs on the motorway to clear up some gunk. I did and it drives better, it's just.. not perfect. can engine sludge affect my performance? could it be fuel related? I'll check out the threads, thanks!
  15. Thank you for the interesting answer! I made sure to check on the legislation before fitting, and it is within 2% of the law, so barely legal - but still legal. It's VERY smooth riding, especially on the motorway, and the RPM seem to be around 2800 when travelling at around 65-70 mph. I did fix most of the previous issues by having the chain serviced. However, I still imagine it needs the more correct oil of 0w20 in it (compared to the 5w30 that is has right now). Crossing fingers that it may solve the problem! Else I'll just live with it, it's really no big deal compared to how well it
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