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  1. mick787

    Battery Change

    I've just changed the battery on ours, it was 7 years old. Thought I'd better do it before winter takes hold. Cant say I've noticed any change. I'll be interested to see if anything else should be done other that disconnect the old one and pop in the new one. I know on the latest cars, there has to be a device connected so the car is told what type of battery is fitted in order to get the electronics to give it the right amount of charge from the alternator. I hope this isn't the case on the IQ!
  2. I've just received some oil as back up, the manual for the 1.0 we have states what Frostyballs has said. I've searched around and from an online retailer who's name mirrors that of a large rain forest. 5ltr of Petronas 0w-20w for £25!! Bargain. As long as it meets the spec's, it should perform exactly the same as any other brand.
  3. mick787

    An Iq Called Toya

    I have to thank Craggle for the information he has posted in this thread, I've just replaced the wiper arm rubber boots on the car. Our 7 year old model had suffered splits in both seals and its cheaper to change the seals than get another wiper arm mechanism. The parts were £31 inc next day postage. I couldn't get to replace the seals without taking the trim and the black metal plate out because of the way the seals fit to the metal plate. I found the plastic corner trims at the lower corners of the windscreen to be the most 'testing' bit to remove. On our car there was a small piece of double sided tape in place at the top which held it to the black trim running up the sides of the windscreen. There are also two small 'clips' which catch under the lip of the 'A' pillar. At the bottom there are two other clips. In short. I found I had to lift the top part of the trim away first to break the adhesive seal of the double sided tape. Then push down the out edge, (nearest to the 'A' pillar), whilst at the same time easing it away from the pillar. It doesn't need to move far. Once those clips are free, the whole trim is slid sideways towards the centre of the car, that frees it from the last two clips and it lifts away. After that, the rest of the job is pretty straight forward. Have a small bit of double sided sticky tape to hand so full assembly can be achieved.
  4. mick787

    Diesel engine IQ

    So it appears our diesel Yaris may have actually had a turbo, something I have learnt! It must have been one of the first released Yaris' when they produced them with a diesel engine in the UK.
  5. mick787

    Diesel engine IQ

    Yes, Flash22, we had one. We also had a Yaris with the non turbo version which I thought was even better. Amazing fuel economy with hardly anything to go wrong, I am convinced it, (the non turbo engine), would have been perfect in the IQ. We have just put new rubber all round on our IQ, one guy pulled alongside and said, 'they are an amazing car, we have two of them. Keep hold of it, they are starting to creep up in value'. After ownership of a modern EV I know why.
  6. mick787

    Diesel engine IQ

    I wonder what Toyota would think about a person having got rid of a BMW i3 and returned to an IQ, not a Yaris or Aygo.
  7. mick787

    Diesel engine IQ

    Just wondering, was there ever a diesel powered IQ released in the UK? We had a Yaris fitted with the non turbo 1.4 Diesel engine which was superb, it would have been amazing fitted in the IQ.
  8. Update, not knowing if a space saver will fit under the seat, I've bought a good condition steel rim from a seller on an internet auction site and have fitted a brand new non directional budget brand tyre to it. The intention is to keep it in the garage and if we suffer a flat, then at least we can keep the car running without the restrictions that come with a space saver. Total cost, £70. Our intended use of the IQ will always be for local use, so in the worst case we should be able get the tyre out to the car with no issue.
  9. I understand Frostyballs, each forum is different. As I've said, I bought the car from an RAC approved garage so that name means absolutely nothing in the way of quality assurance to me. Yes I could take the car back, but overall, I think it is a good one. I'd just like to keep it that way, once we've fitted 4 new tyres!
  10. Thank you Chris, I always try to find an owners forum for the brand of car we have. Personal experience from other owners cant be beat. Maybe I'll find somewhere that can be trusted, time will tell. My son uses a guy in Northampton for his Avensis. One thing is for sure, I'll never touch any dealership involved with the Sytner Group, irrespective of brand, likewise the Lister Group.
  11. Thanks for the replies. The car I managed to get is very low mileage. Whilst servicing the car may not be rocket science (and I am sure I'd be able to do a service myself), the warranty we have on the car requires any VAT registered garage to be used. Why have a warranty? Because it has such low, (genuine), mileage. That may be good in some respects, but it can be bad in others, hence a little bit of peace of mind. It's all about trust and there are a lot of rogues out there. More rogues than those who can be trusted. The RAC approved dealership we bought it from, sold it with an RAC endorsed check list, yet all 4 tyres needed changing because of splitting. Thankfully I saw those potentially serious defects and negotiated a lower price, many people would not see that. What makes matters worse is that upon looking closely at all the paperwork that came with the car showed it had been checked and the tyres had been passed as not suffering cuts or splitting. That matter is being addressed. Even the MOT from two years previous, showed advisories to the effect that tyres were splitting. All 4 tyres were dated the same age as the car, 7 years old. That latest MOT, a couple of weeks old, did not have any advisory on it! All I ask for is a pointer to someone who can be trusted to do the job they are being paid for. My past life put me in a position where I dealt with the results of sudden tyre failures and bad vehicle maintenance. Main dealers are much the same. Recommending unnecessary work to be done and not doing work. It's about 'rip off Britain', which is all too common these days. I don't mind paying, but I expect good honest work and a proper job to be done by those who profess to be specialists in their trade, be it vehicle inspection or vehicle repair/maintenance. So if anyone in the forum knows of a good, honest and reliable indy Toyota dealership preferably in Warwickshire they have used for a few years, please let me know. When you have dealt with what I have dealt with over many years, you may understand why I am so passionate about such a matter.
  12. Hi, is there a list of Independent reliable Toyota mechanics/garages present in the Warwickshire area? I'm looking for someone to service the IQ who knows what they are doing.
  13. Thank you. There are a few IQ's in my area on the road, the wife has said she missed her first one and wanted to go back to ownership. We have found a little cracker down in Bristol with only 10.5k miles on it after 7 years of use. All paperwork there to show it is genuine and has been serviced regardless. Still the original tyres which must be changed because of cracking walls. Since getting it home and getting rid of all the silicon they had put on it and replacing it with Autoglym's products, it looks mint. The amethyst paint has a lovely shine with it. The car really is a superb motor for popping around the town. Just looking for a spare tyre or space saver now and we are sorted.
  14. My first comment as a new comer. I accept there is no where to store a space saver in the car other than behind the seats, but in the event of a flat, it would be handy to have one in the garage that can be taken out to the car in the event of a flat and allow the car to be used until a new tyre is sorted. I would imagine it is far cheaper to buy such a wheel and tyre than another alloy. Is there any information about which spacer saver is suitable? Our car has 15" alloys but that does not necessarily mean a 15" steel spacer should be used. Any information appreciated.
  15. Hi all. We had a 1.0 manual IQ in pearlescent white when they were first released, we changed cars a few times over the years and have just sold an BMW i3 to return to a manual 1.0 IQ. It really is the perfect town car.