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  1. cheers for the help, going to try and order em only prob is there not refundable, was looking at the technix myself thought they were the only cheaper option for the 1.4
  2. great many thanks for the help, just a question what did you think of the technix? alot of people said there not the best
  3. hi there i need some help please, i want to get some coilovers for my 06 vvti 3 door 1.4 corolla T2, but having trouble do https://www.fensport.co.uk/collections/toyota-corolla-1-8-t-sport-zze123-11-01-06-07/products/zze123-street-basis-z-tein-coilover-kit do these fit my normal none t sport corolla, i’ve heard that all petrols are the same shock wise and i should be okay i can’t find much at all on coilovers for the 1.4, does anyone know/ any advice ? cheers
  4. hi codger it’s a pioneer DA230DAB I believe i’ll need a need a new attena with this model ? for cable wise i’ll get the CT20TY01 harness is there anything else you think i’ll need? also not going to use the steering wheel volume and features so that’s ok thanks for the help
  5. hi folks currently got a really sweet deal on a pioneer radio, now it’s a double din unit so i am wondering what wiring do i need i couldn’t find much at all other then i need a fascia install kit which i have got, now i see other sides saying i need ISO wiring harness, an atenna, or aerial adapter. just wondering if anyone else put in a double din bluetooth radio before is that all i need ? if anyone could help out that would be great really stuck im not the best at this type of stuff ! cheers
  6. hi folks first post here ! recently got my first car ever now i’m not very knowledgeable car wise. i picked up my corolla a week back all stock it’s a 2005 3door 1.4 disel in white, now i have looked on here on past old forums but need help with picking up a set of tires and rims with the color white i was thinking a pair of black rims i did see on a past thread of picking up very light set of rims instead of heavier ones etc can anyone recommend a set ? i was thinking a budget of around 500£ could go more i do plan on a good few more mods induction kit i seen on here was a good idea, lowering, exhaust system, a few interior stuff also would re mapping be a good idea ? many thanks for reading
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