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  1. Wait, so after cleaning it, did you replace the EGR and that didn’t solve the issue?
  2. I’ve cleaned it though, could the error be anything else?
  3. Hi, I have a 2010 2.2L diesel Avensis Estate. After returning from a 3127 mile European road trip in Sept, 5 mins after leaving the Eurotunnel shuttle, I had an error code on the dash (amber engine light, amber (!) and amber stability control icon, and the below: - check VSC - check parking brake I plugged in my eBay scanner and had the P0400 code. I cleaned the EGR, not able to actuate the valve, but looked clean enough from every angle I could see. A month of barely driving later, just had the same codes and faults again. Scanner says P0400 & P0400
  4. Thanks both. Any ideas how involved this is?
  5. Hi, My wife’s 2007 Aygo has a pretty distinct vibration coming from around/under the gearstick when doing around 65-70mph and accelerating. Doesn’t always happen on every acceleration, but does happen on every drive. Any ideas? Regards Alex
  6. Hi, as per title, not sure which coolant to put into my 2.2 D. Any ideas? needs a top up but would like to drain and refill. thanks in advance
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