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  1. It's not the hinge. I've lubricated it and heated it with an hair dryer, to no avail. It's the cable who's the culprit. It's getting soaked for some reason, which ends up freezing in cold weather. I removed the left rear light cluster deck trim and found the connecting point to the plastic spring. Pointed my hair dryer towards it for a minute, and the spring fully retracted when i pulled the lever.
  2. My 2001 Yaris 3-Door has a problem where the release mechanism on the fuel door fails to fully retract in cold weather. The fuel door lever feels hard to pull, like something is blocking it. The lever pulls effortlessly after i've driven/heated the car for a while, leading me to beleive this is a water/moisture intrusion issue. I've tried spraying some silicone spray on the plastic pin, to no avail. The ice around the cap and hinge itself is also cleared. Anyone have some advice or experience surrounding this issue? Illustration picture, notice the plastic pin:
  3. Thanks for all the helpful replies 😀 I ended up just buying a new nut with the corresponding OEM number. Cost almost nothing anyway. I'm stripping the interior for sound deadening later this year, i'll get to it then.
  4. After noticing water droplets coming from one of the tail lights, i decided to try and clean the area before ordering new gaskets. Whilst in the process of refitting, i managed to drop the 10mm nut down the exposed opening. Does the whole plastic trim need to come off, or is there a simpler way of getting to it? 2001 1.5 litre
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