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  1. Hello everyone, I've been searching online for the user manual but I keep getting results that confuse me; I keep seeing images of the model that came after my model. Just in case of need for reference, my model is the one pictured at https://www.autoevolution.com/cars/toyota-corolla-5-doors-2004.html#aeng_toyota-corolla-5-doors-2004-14-vvt-i
  2. My mechanic's electrician and I discovered that the blue/white wire and fuse is connected to is for power to all the windows because the car went through a conversion from manual windows to electric windows...I guess by whoever had the car before me (is s grey import). Thanks so much for your help, I really appreciate it 👍🏿.
  3. Hello everyone, I drive a Corolla 2003 sedan. My dilemma started almost a week ago when I noticed that after starting my car (for the first time of the day), none of the window controls world work. I drove the car out and after a few minutes, the window controls would start working. I don't know if it's the patch of rough road that I drove on that got the window controls working again or if it's some kind of strange "warmup" that the circuitry or wiring goes through to resume working. It's been getting a little bit worse everyday. This morning before I sent this message out, I was able to lower the windows a bit (the controls worked) as I drove out to work. A few minutes into the drive, they stopped working and up till now I can't raise the windows up. I checked the fuse box inside the car to see if the "door" fuse wasn't in order, so far all the fuses look ok (visual check only, I haven't pulled any out yet). The only anomaly I observed is the presence of a fuse in port that shouldn't have a fuse in it, as well as a wire from somewhere that connects partially to that fuse...that shouldn't be there according to the fuse directory on the cover of the fuse box (see images attached to this post). The connection of this wire to this fuse looks very abnormal and I'd like to know if any of you can tell me if it's normal or not, and what harm it can/does pose. So far I have also noticed that the green lamp on the driver's window switch is always lit-up and that all windows can be raised/lowered even after the engine has been turned off and the ignition key removed from the car. There is clearly an electrical/wiring disorder and I'm wondering if this odd fuse-and-wire had something to do with it. Thanks.
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