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  1. Just go on amayama as they have all the parts exploded views on there or use this site http://www.catcar.info/toyota/?lang=en
  2. You can probably get a rebuild kit from amayama … shouldn’t be too bad cost wise
  3. As above I have updated this as I obtained some of the parts I was looking for 😊if the moderator can delete my old wanted post .. many thanks 🙏 , if you have got anything give me a shout .. most of the parts barring the engine mount that I,m looking for are what you would remove when tuning , eg if you fitted a lightened flywheel or different intake system if you have anything 4 age 20v blacktop for sale please let me know .. cheers nany thanks
  4. Make sure this is getting a cold start , is the idle quite high when started cold then drops to around 6-700rpm , sounds possibly like it’s not getting the cold start , possibly an Ecu temp sensor usually near the thermostat housing , but iirc this has a wax stat cold start set up built into the throttle body ( not sure on this model so I,m generalising) I have a 1.6 corolla with 4a-fe and I changed thermostat and water pump as it seemed to run rich for a while after warm up … hope this helps
  5. Whilst cars are stood unused there are small drains on the system , more so now in modern cars than in the older pre 2000 cars , alarms system etc etc , your car goes into a sleep mode and is awakened by the key ( either pushing the unlock or it senses the key and unlocks etc etc, modern cars are also power hungry , electric power steering systems and lots more electrical systems with demands etc etc You can get a local technician to drop test the battery and check condition , then check battery drain with an ammeter , a solar panel on your garage or house roof ( or the floor mounted large fan type variety can be used to keep your car battery topped up , or invest in a trickle charger for times when your car is out of use for long periods
  6. So another little update , I have just acquired a 4 age 20v blacktop with loom and Ecu … 🙃🙃🙃🙃
  7. The centre braces (bits with TTe logo on were fabricated by myself ) new rear drum backplates ( from Japan) and all the rear brake overhaul kit is here now ready Front discs and pads are done , I have front disc backplates to replace and an ultra racing front anti roll bar to go on once I go through the front suspension Front hub carriers will be sandblasted as will engine main and sub crossmember , 6 speed gearbox sat here along with a brand new exedy clutch (eBay £40 find ) I have the G6R 6 speed gear knob , G6R side skirts , still playing hunt for a Tte or wrc bumper …. Progress
  8. So , my little Japanese built Toyota Corolla got sorted over the summer , full tidy up underneath ,all rust treated and sorted and a coating of tinted upon raptor coating , all rails and cavities are also waxoyled now , rear suspension fully overhauled with rear crossmember and rear hub carriers shot blasted and painted , new hardrace control arm kit and an ultra racing rear anti roll bar and arb bushes to finish it off
  9. As above , not sure of the make , 2 x rears and 2 fronts , powder coated red , and all are brand new unfitted , already have a set for my car so these are up for grabs , £80 or very close to it , can be posted at extra cost ( PayPal is fine and I will in that case only send to confirmed PayPal addresses ) thanks
  10. I have a set of 14” wheels and tyres currently on my 1998 Corolla SR , made by wolfrace and fitted by the Toyota dealer as original specification when these cars came over from Japan , in decent condition, looking for around £200 or nearest offer , I,m in north east England ,as the wheels are collection only please , these should suit Yaris E9 E10 E11 cheers
  11. I have an e11 rear spoiler from a 1998 Corolla Sr think there are a few similarities between the e10 and e11
  12. Hi guys after a full set of genuine mudflaps , I think they are are the same for the lift back,estate or compact if anyone has a set to sell please contact me ,thanks
  13. Full set of brand new lowering springs , 30-40 mm drop , and these are German TUV approved standard , not rubbish , Red finish , 2 x fronts and 2 x rears , 100 plus 10 postage , PayPal is fine , will only post to confirmed PayPal addresses thanks
  14. Couple more bits and pieces arrived , just trying to pull everything together so it’s all here once I start , new gear knob and G6r boot and surround fitted , I,m going to add the cd changer as refitted a brand new original Toyota head unit ( came across my path cheap)
  15. As above , both in excellent condition , steering wheel is same as a G6r and instrument cluster is the Sr red pointer type , payment by PayPal or similar , delivery cost to be agreed before payment , as varies according to location . I will post to confirmed PayPal addresses only , I have these on eBay as well as had £1 selling fees offer , so if you want just purchase on there ( the_sinistra_handed_guitarist)that’s fine as well steering wheel £48 plus post instrument cluster £54 plus post Offers around that area are welcome thanks
  16. Busy day yesterday , fitted G6r instrument cluster, plus all new bulbs ( once I had transferred my original speedometer across) , added the front foglight switch equipped stalk and the celica gt steering wheel , just awaiting the trd badge for the wheel
  17. So I did a bit of hunting around and got a little bit lucky, I managed to get my hands on set of G6r clocks Tte rear spoiler G6r front strut brace G6r Gearlever boot and surround G6r grille
  18. Some on bay of e , Sony I think they are , o.e. equipment , Din and double din are a standard size apertures
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