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  1. Update... Visited the local dealer on Tuesday morning and after waiting for a couple of hours or a bit more, they got back to me and told me that they cannot find anything wrong with my car 🤦‍♂️. Aparently they even drove the car for a while to see if anything goes wring with it. So they offered me two solution: 1- I leave the car with them and they give me a courtesy car for a while and they try to see if the car gives an error again. 2- I take the car and if the error appeared again, drive back straight to the dealer and they investigate it at that instance. So I decided to go with the
  2. Yup, it was a complere light and alarm show 😂. Yes, indeed, I suspect some issue with power itself or the connectors/grounding. My plan is to monitor the 12v powerline from few places and record the traces for sometime and see if there is any noise, drop or overshoot on it. Depending on how easy-access it would be, I might do the same with the high voltage battery as well. I actually do have a couple of cheap OBD-II scanners lying around (not as fancy as Carista though) I just have to find them 🤦‍♂️. On the bright side, I have switched on the car today and guess what, the error was cleare
  3. Yes, indeed. It looks like we have experienced a similar problem. I strongly believe it was some sort of power distribution issue to the controller unit that lead to the controller failing and going to a fail-safe mode. Driving 10-15 miles to get home after the incident, the hybrid systems were working alright and cycling the battery without any problem. I think as the warning/failure was serious, it is designed to stay on until being check by the dealer despite it being already self-rectified. My feeling is that the dealer will clear the error and will not do much about it and that would be i
  4. Has anyone else come across hybrid system malfunction in the new Toyota Yaris 2020 (mine is Launch Edition)? Last night while I was driving in a light rain in the motorway at 70mph all of the sudden the system alarm went off indicating hybrid system malfunction. Right after that a range of warnings lights and alarms apeared on the screen: Hybrid system malfunction Radar system malfunction Pre-collision system malfunction ABS break malfunction Power steering malfunction and a range of other warnings and lights that I can't remember. Feeling the feedback from the steering
  5. I've got my letter last Wednesday (27th) about the recall. It was very interesting as I have received a recall for exactly same issue for my Yaris Hybrid 2018 model when I bought it back in 2018.
  6. The same here... I wanted the offline sat nav and seat heater as well as the steering wheel heater and the deck board for the car and the dealer said there is no way that they can include these options for me (apart from the deck board that they can order the part for me). I also assumed the wireless mobile charger is fitted as standard but later on I figured it out that it is not available. When I commented about this on Toyota Blog, Toyota UK have replied: (Original reply: https://blog.toyota.co.uk/new-toyota-yaris-interior-safety ) I still don't understand why they are no
  7. This is actually Toyota "UK" policies and nothing to do with the actual Toyota Japan... If you look at the Japanese Yaris, It has sat nav option and T connect, as well as a lot of variations such as petrol, hybrid, 2WD or 4WD, frond window warm washer de-icer, auto parking assist and a lot more. Even the other EU models have built in sat nav but not the UK model...
  8. It is somehow similar to the V5C document but issued by the manufacturer, listing vehicle details, dimensions, trim, weight, axle, engine, body ,etc. as well as the car emissions and standards. It contains no details about the owner or car registration and the only thing that links the certificate to the car is the VIN. You would need it for certain tasks such as registering for London congestion charge discount or exporting your car. You can find more details about certificate of conformity (CoC) on this Toyota website address: https://www.toyota.co.uk/owners/vehicle-informatio
  9. I was actually going to ask exactly the same question! I have just receive my COC in the post today. Previously, there was a request form to get it if you need it and it was free for the first copy requested by the original owner and £75 for any additional copy afterward. But I have never received the COC without requesting it and this was the first time.
  10. The fact is, the power consumption is highly depending to the AC model and the age of the car (the older ACs tend to consume more energy for being less efficient). Back in 2000 there was an article published by NREL [1] showing the fuel economy can be decreased by almost 0.4 km/L (1 mpg) when using the AC. 12 years later, another research in 2012 [2] showed that about 80% of the fuel consumption is by the AC compressor and depending on the vehicle speed it can affect the fuel efficiency up to 90% (when the car is idle) and down to about 9% when driving at 120k/h (75miles/h). Later in 2015 a r
  11. Great. No, you couldn't have done anything to damage the stereo. I searched a little bit on the internet and spotted other people complaining about the same problem as yours on amazon reviews of this stereo. You could possibly put an inline attenuator to reduce the volume if you wish, but to be honest I am not sure if it will solve your problem. There are many different attenuators like this one : https://www.justcarkits.co.uk/jck_blog/product/ctamppassthrough-iso-active-system-attenuator/
  12. Good Idea! I also check the toyota-tech website almost on a daily basis. I can see the documents for the 4th gen are being added one by one and looking at the older models and the publication dates, I think within a year or so I might see an accessories document for the GPS unit and hopefully a more reasonable price.
  13. I was hoping exactly the same as in the youtube review videos all have the hard deck floor. I have looked it up in the parts and was planning to get one (my local dealer said they can order it for me) but it is a bit expensive and I left it for now... I might get it in the future as it is very useful to hide the things that are always in the trunk.. This is based on my specific model (Launch Ed) and the red box indicates that it is not installed in my car trim. The complete part number is 58410-K0020-C1 (PNC 58410B) However, do check your specific trim with your local dealer and make sure that
  14. Well, Devon Aygo already listed the parts and their prices as he works for Toyota. As FROSTYBALLS suggested earlier, I would also imagine that Parts-King come up with similar list and prices... Thank you anyway 😃 appreciate it.
  15. I agree with you. Electronic circuits does not like any noise or spike on the power lines, although in the cars they usually have a lot of filtering and protection circuit on their power line. I would test the voltage level with a multimeter (if you have one) or a cheap car battery level tester to make sure about the battery itself. Measure the voltage across the battery terminals when the car is *not* switched on and if you read any value below 11.5V then the battery is flat (the fully charged battery should read something between 12.5V to 13V). It also could be that the charging system
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