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  1. Just reporting back on my findings (say if anyone searches for this thread and would like an answer) If you have any rough running issues, then yeah, you should definitely try the aforementioned bottle of Wynn's catalytic and o2 sensor cleaner. That stuff really does the trick. Engine feels calmer and runs well.
  2. Just recieved it from the post! It says to add 500ml (the full bottle) to minimum 30 liters of fuel (so I’ll just fill the tank and add the bottle). What are your experiences with the amounts, and does it sound right to just add the entire bottle to a full tank? Should be noted I bought the black bottle as shown in the post by Chris up above.
  3. Cool! You never know with additives, but I'll be sure to try and order it. Is it the one in the picture by Chris? I can tell that I can order the same thing from a local store nearby, would be cool to try.
  4. Sounds good! Is there any risk running it? The car seems to perform fine when cold and just has a very slight roughness at 2000 RPM when warmed up. I imagine running Wynn would help, but I obviously don't want to risk harming any sensors! Sounds very promising, though.
  5. I definitely feel improvements when running additives and giving it V-Power, and they stay meaning it's being cleaned out. Is it a hard job to remove the EGR valve and just clean it manually? I Imagine that's where my issue stems.
  6. I was wondering, do the EGR valves ever get clogged or caked up? Previous owner only used the car in city and it seems a little sluggish on take off. Gets better every day and only seems to happen when the car is hot (and from what I remember, EGR valves are closed on cold?) Like a vibration and a hesitation on acceleration. Car pinged when I bought it but it cleared up after a few motorway drives. 2016 model year. thanks guys.
  7. I absolutely agree! Even to this point, I find it weird as the metallic sound lessens after driving a long distance of say 3-4 hours. However, a lot of the vibrations stopped after we serviced the chain (checked for stretch and tightened it). What other things could cause a metallic-like ringing noise (bare audible but can be heard from inside cabin under load or when in neutral at 2000-3000 revs and ONLY happens with an engine at 1000% operating temperature?). The vibrations increase and when the engine is at 1000% operating temperature, it just doesn’t run as smoothly as when it’s say 80%
  8. Hi folks This will be a slight continuation of my previous post, but I'd like to create an additional topic for this as we've narrowed the issue down. Therefore, if anyone ever has an issue with a slight metallic sound at around 2000-3000 rpm and a slight misfire, check this out. The issue has been narrowed down to chain stretch. The car drives pretty much fine with no chain chatter when cold, but when at operating temperature (and after around 20 minutes), there's a slight audible chain chatter sound when you hit around 2000 rpm, and it clears perfectly up at 3000. It's apparently t
  9. Ah, sounds alright then, and it does fire perfectly fine every time that's actually a very interesting theory! The car has done under 40k miles though, would it sound plausible at such low mileage? I'll put an ohm-meter on them. On a general update - we gave it an oil and filter change with 0w20 instead of the previous 5w30. Not that much of a difference, but the previous oil was BLACK. we put the old oil through some basic tests and there are no metal fragments or anything worrying in it. As the car has progressively driven better and better each day when the old oil was new, I h
  10. yup, air filter replaced in September and spark plugs in October with new Toyota iridum plugs. We did two things today, one being doing the chain maintenance bulletin (essentially removing any slack from the chain, just to rule that out as an issue) and checked for codes. I didn't hear the number he listed, but he said it had a generic code for "startability malfunction". My mechanic told me it's a generic code and that it could be many things. Ugh! I'm not worried about it not starting as it is no issue, it always starts, it's just that it sometimes takes like half a turn more on the starter
  11. Thank you all for the answers, I’ll take them all into consideration! It should be noted that there are no check engine lights, making this a little hard to get to the bottom of. I did notice that the car has become a little harder to start when cold. It’s not hard, but it sometimes takes a few extra turns on the starter motor before it fires. I’m thinking EGR or O2 sensor? It’s just that there are no codes! So confusing.
  12. Yeah, it'll be the oil and filter first, but I'll definitely think of scraping the sump later. I've already added new iridium plugs to it, so that should be alright. We decided to remove the valve cover this afternoon, and there is definitely is quite an amount of sludge. My mechanic says it's not unusual for the Aygo and that he has seen "much worse", but that we agree that we need to do something. However, I spoke with the previous owner and he confirmed that the car has done many short trips at low speeds. I think I may just need to overhaul many of the service items on it, but what ar
  13. yeah, I've had it in mind. I'll change the oil and see if it helps anything. I just took a drive in the car and yup, it's back to its old self. It feels like the performance is down 20% and it just doesn't rev as freely with few vibrations. It had worked perfectly fine for 2-3 days and while cruising at 30 mph for a while, I noticed that it quite suddenly began struggling ever so slightly and that I had to press just a bit further on the accelerator to keep it going. It really does feel like something is clogging up somewhere. I checked the oil filler cap and there is a small amount
  14. Hello! yeah, oil definitely went black very quickly after service (within like 200 km / 120 miles) and I do mean BLACK, not dark brown or sirup, indicating that there has to be some pretty good deposits in that engine. dipstick also looks very dark. even though I've only done 8000 km / 5000 miles since the last service, I should probably just do an oil change now. I've tried with injector cleaner and Shell V-Power and it helped, especially just after I bought it (the car could barely keep 70 km/h / 45 mph because the engine kept stumbling over itself. it can do that fine now, it just vibrates
  15. Hello I bought a mk2 aygo recently and the previous owner must have been a real slowpoke. The car has low mileage (around 6000 miles a year) and probably most were in city. Can engine sludge alter performance? sometimes when I accelerate, the car feels fine and will perform fine for like an hour and then you can physically feel it'll just remove like 10hp at random, and it won't stop doing it again for weeks. It feels fantastic when it runs perfect, but it only does for like 2 hours out of 10. engine also shakes a little when it happens. could it be like the VVT getting a blood clot
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