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  1. Sorry I did not see your comments as my wife was not well after a bad fall. The car was taken to Toyota dealership in NI. The car should have been fixed under warranty, however a Toyota repair garage here is been very good and it’s a process of elimination going through the different sensors to find which one is the problem.. it’s a nightmare as I had such fate in Toyota cars as I had one for 15 years, and would never have expected this in a more modern Toyota, thank you all for your advice
  2. Sorry only saw your message, I see other people have same problem. Yet Toyota keep telling me they have never heard of problems with ecu, some say is toyota ecu compatible with bmw engine. Yes it looks I will have Togo down legal routes
  3. Parking brake system lights on .took to garage. Diagnostic test done, egr problem. Replaced egr valve and cooler. Cost 1040e same problem back, now struggling between Toyota as they say it’s ecu, please help
  4. Got a call from lovely woman from Toyota, she listened to my story. And rang Toyota garage , who In turn rang me , they kept car for 7 hours, I understand they went through 18 sensor points. To check them all . Lights are all of on dash. But they are not sure if problems solved so suggested I run car for few days, thanks for patience and advice .
  5. Thanks I have an appointment with Toyota Ireland on Monday, there customer. Service rang and are going to see what they can do for me. So here’s hoping,
  6. Dont touch them, total disaster, I bough Toyota avensis 2.2 business edition 4months ago nothing but trouble,
  7. Sorry missed ur message, tryed contacting Toyota NI warranty dept, no one available, so spoke to service dep, they had only one case where connecting a tow bar , wiring was wrong, otherwise no other known case, they suggested it maybe happened when egr was replaced.
  8. I drove all the way to NI Toyota, to do diagnostic on car to charge me 95e and no it’s not under. Warranty. They told me they never had a cpu issue, can anyone tell me have you heard of a cpu or ecu failure, once again thanks
  9. Thank you, Toyota Ireland not interested, spoke to customer care and asked for head office but no help, ok thanks again
  10. Thank you for replying, I bought car in NI so it has uk 5 year warranty, car bought from dealer not Toyota, it has full Toyota dealer dealership service as car was originally uk car, I contacted Toyota NI .they have never heard of cpu failure. I have had Toyota for 15 years very little problems, this is why I wanted another Toyota,also because of Toyota reliability and customer service, but I have since learned Toyota purchased a lot of bmw engines and their are a lot of complaints about this engine, being an. OAP in 70s findings all this very stressful, as I can. See where this is heading,
  11. Not given any explanation other than to say cpu needs to be replaced. I am in shock as left car in with,Check parking brake system, told it was egr, cost 1040e, same message again, went back to be told cpu problem,
  12. Help help help as you have seen I have been looking for advice on. Egr, and as you know I had it replaced at a very high price 1040e. Well I now have got another shock , as lights are back on, so back to Toyota to be told it’s cpu, so has to be replaced at cost of 2000e. Car is still under warranty, Toyota says cpu not covered, so much for Toyota reliability and customer care, please please advise,
  13. Car has. Clean bill of health so anyone who buy should be trouble free, going up for sale next after mot done
  14. That’s what I ended up with, if had known about the BMW , engine I would never have bought car, not many garages want to touch it, I always thought BMW were an iconic car, but too expensive or overpriced, but think they produced and engine like this beggars believe, in. This day of technology,
  15. I had the old petrol avensis for 15 years and when. I told my garage who took great care of my car , that I was looking at the diesel he told me don’t touch it. As I am an OAP. And I don’t need a car like that, I should have listened to him,