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  1. Thanks car service 4 months ago, car starts no problem once I only turn key first quarter beyond that nothing, all of answers have been suggested, I saw a number of Comments with same problem, all issues suggested are expensive. 200 for glow plugs, second hand starter 150, 300 for service . Thanks again , appreciate your advice. I think I will have to do all issues as a process of elimination over time
  2. Can anyone advise me, why it takes a number of turns of ignition to start car
  3. Thank you.just checked and my car is on list. Surprised Toyota never contacted me
  4. Many thanks . Must look it up sorry for delay,
  5. Bsail nestor


    Any truth that Toyota are going to do something about the egr problems
  6. Just found news paper article here in Ireland which states at least 20 cases with solicitors against bmw re the n47 engine
  7. Agree I had avensis for 15 years over 400000 klm no problems, bought 2015 avensis with bmw engine OST me so far over 2000 e. Toyota dealer useless. Toyota motto reliability and customer care gone,
  8. Sorry I did not see your comments as my wife was not well after a bad fall. The car was taken to Toyota dealership in NI. The car should have been fixed under warranty, however a Toyota repair garage here is been very good and it’s a process of elimination going through the different sensors to find which one is the problem.. it’s a nightmare as I had such fate in Toyota cars as I had one for 15 years, and would never have expected this in a more modern Toyota, thank you all for your advice
  9. Sorry only saw your message, I see other people have same problem. Yet Toyota keep telling me they have never heard of problems with ecu, some say is toyota ecu compatible with bmw engine. Yes it looks I will have Togo down legal routes
  10. Parking brake system lights on .took to garage. Diagnostic test done, egr problem. Replaced egr valve and cooler. Cost 1040e same problem back, now struggling between Toyota as they say it’s ecu, please help
  11. Got a call from lovely woman from Toyota, she listened to my story. And rang Toyota garage , who In turn rang me , they kept car for 7 hours, I understand they went through 18 sensor points. To check them all . Lights are all of on dash. But they are not sure if problems solved so suggested I run car for few days, thanks for patience and advice .
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