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  1. I have a 2017 RAV 4 EXCEL AWD Hybrid. I have built a removable bed platform in my RAV 4 and have been wondering what extra steps I might take to keep warm when sleeping overnight. Can anyone advise me if it would be at all feasible and safe to keep the aircon operating overnight at my chosen temperature? And if so, how many hours could the traction battery provide.
  2. Hi I’m Garth Aspinall and I live in Cheshire. I have owned a RAV 4 since May 2017 and couldn’t be more pleased. I have also enjoyed three years of ‘first-time’ caravanning with my Eriba caravan and car - a great outfit! I am now installing a bed platform in my RAV 4 and when I have taken delivery of my bespoke mattress, I will be putting it to the test. I would be interested in hearing about any similar exploits! Aged 77, I have discovered a very rewarding and manageable lifestyle in these two wonderful acquisitions.