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  1. mrmick53

    Sat nav

    Hello again. My sat nav keeps losing itself. I am driving on a established road but the sat nav is showing me in no man's land, maybe some major roads nearby. Any ideas please? Mick
  2. mrmick53


    Thanks all for all of your replies, interesting reading. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
  3. mrmick53


    Hi again. I do like posting on here, I find everyone very helpful and no snide remarks. Could anyone explain why for the first couple of months that I had my Corolla I was getting 75 even 76 MPG occasionally but for the last month it has gone down to 70? Once again thanks in advance to all that reply. Mick
  4. mrmick53


    The horn on the Corolla is of such a low volume that I have heard children's toy car one louder. Seriously though Does anyone else agree that the volume and tinny sound is very dangerous. If you are in fast moving traffic it cannot be heard outside of the vehicle by other road users. I don't suppose there is a substitute or any adjustment?
  5. Hi all. I have cracked it at last thanks to everyone that offered advice.
  6. Hi again. Yes It just doesn't seem to recognise my speech, I would not say I have any accent. Thanks for your help though,
  7. Hi yes I have. I seem to be able to give a command but it is not understood?
  8. Hi all. Is it possible to use speech commands for sat nav please? Every time I try it, all I get is PARDON? Corolla 2020 1.8 Hybrid. TIA.
  9. Devon Aygo. Amazing, just sat in car and done it now. Thank you very much! Mick.
  10. Hi AndrueC. Do you mean with your audio screen on? Is your car a Corolla 2020 hybrid 1.8 ?
  11. How can I have just my audio screen showing? It stays on for a short period then goes to home screen. Map stays on as does info, but not audio. Thanks in advance.
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