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  1. Bump. Price £25 + Postage.....
  2. Hi, thanks for your reply back, was an auto electrician for BMW & Porsche by trade, its an easy job to do if you know how etc, done these before on other cars but nit the Aygo (yet), is there a kit where you can change the white dials on the clocks to black dials? Cheers J
  3. Thanks for your replies all, just ordered the correct alarm from Cobra which is currently being programmed for the Aygo, deliveries will be this monday coming, i also asked them to email me a .pdf copy of the installing schematic diagram to tap the wires into the loom. Looks easy enough!! For £120 not bad!! Thanks for your input, appreciated.. Cheers J
  4. Hi all, am thinking to change the LED's in my dashboard as they are dim orange colour to white LED's saw some info on it, what do you all reckon? Also would like to change the white dials to black but cant seem to find a company that does them? If anyone who knows of even done the LED/dials conversion would be great help or even pictures to see!! 👍😄 Cheers J
  5. Hi all, just getting to know my Aygo still etc.. id like to ask do these cars have an alarm , when locking the door via key control does it activate any alarm etc? If not what kind of alarm is recommended to fit, anylinks etc or even a toyota alarm to retro fit.. Cheers J
  6. Hi Stu, Whats the price of the boot liner if still available? Cheers. J
  7. Thanks FROSTYBALLS and gampla, appreciated for your help! 😬👍 All Posted with price! Thanks J
  8. Toyota Aygo Armrest came off a 2010 model! Comes with fitiment screws and has been on me mates car for almost 3 months untill he sold it. Arm rest opens up as storage aswell. An easy fit, theres a few small marks on the side where the seat belt clip is but you can see it when fitted Price £30 + postage Cheers J
  9. Hi all, if this thread goes against any rules i do appologise, please do remove it. As dont know if this can be posted maybe not in the right catagory but if a forum member has a car item for sale, where can this be posted on this forum if there is a Buy & Sell section? As i have an Arm Rest for the aygo that a friend gave me thats not needed as he sold his car recently, can provide pictures if so. Cheers J
  10. Hi Gampla, thanks for the link, maybe i should have been more clearer, ok so i have a Double Din Stereo with Satnav to go in and what i would like us a small camera at the back which i then will connect up, putting into reverse will show up screen. So something small, dont know if anyone here has dine this before as would be good what camera they used and location would be best fitted etc.. Cheers. J
  11. Hi all, am looking to fit a reverse cam etc, what reverse cam is recommended and where would it be best fitted? Does Toyota have their own cam that they sell for the Aygo (2012) Cheers J
  12. Does look like it but cant imagine an elderly woman turning up bass whilst driving down the street lol, i tried looking but cant find anything on the net, too much rain to start taking panels off, when rain stops im gonna have to trace where the cable runs to.. Cheers J
  13. Hi thanks for your reply, interesting regards to the EPS (electric Power Steering)? My car is a 2012... ill search that up and see what comes up.... thanks for your input guys, your all great. Cheers. J
  14. Hi all, finally bought my second car Aygo yesterday and not sure what this is (pictures attached) its velcrowed near the light level switch! Abit strange this!! its cable attached but to what? If anyone who knows would be apreciated!. Cheers J
  15. Hiya frostyballs, thanks for your reply and info, i always like things like this to improve the interior etc.. another one on me list. Thank you again!!! 😁 j