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  1. If its like a whining sound coming from the engine area and it has progressed, it could maybe the gearbox! Have you ever changed the gearbox oil? If so get it done and see what happens if it eliminates, maybe theres not enough oil!
  2. I payed arounf £150 included delivery, was alittle dirty so i got a company to come round and steam clean the seats which totally transformed it! You will need the 3 door seats like mine cos the front seats will neec to go forward to let passengers in, it took my a while to find a 3 door breaking for these seats, theres plenty of 5 door Mk2 breaking, they will fit but you cant pull the front seats forward for passengers, no leavers for it!!.. ebay is the best bet!! 😁👍
  3. Hi, thanks 😁👍, yeah, when you get the seats make sure you get the bolts aswell !! But yeah the seats are a straight forward swap, all seat bolts line up excatly, front seats and back!! The best thinhlng you could do and the comfort is really nice!!! Took aporox 30 mins to take out me old seats and straight into the skip and fit in the Mk2's... 😁👍 J
  4. Cheers Agent Orange, if it wernt for your advice i would have still be sitting on flat pancake seats!!! 😂 these Mk2 seats are are another level for comfortness and didnt look back, the best thing any Mk1 owner can do!! Cheers 😁👍 J
  5. This the MK2 Aygo seats in my Mk1, the best thing you could do!!
  6. Yeah same engine!! Will fit 😁👍
  7. Its safe to use carb or brake cleaner, been using it for years!! I was a technian for BMW Alpina and Renault Motors and it was used all day long by the technicians. J
  8. Being doing it for years, as an ex Alpina technician never had problems, you spray it whilst the car runs at an idle say 2000rpm and with manifold depression it will pull any spray along with the dirt off the MAF into the manifold thus not leaving any dried residue you talk of. Very safe and effective. J
  9. Im fitting it to fullfill the multifuction buttons to me stereo!! Im used to it with my other cars just alittle luxury aswell!. J
  10. Have you thought of getting Carb or Brake cleaner and clean the MAF sensor? Its what i do, and also to my other car! big difference!! Cheers. J
  11. Hi, ive worked out what wire connects to the clockspring, i also have sonr diagrams that was sent to me by C1 owner who has done this conversion, i think the phone buttons are functional also.. picture below is the C1 with the conversion with all functions working. Cheers J
  12. Hi Flash22, thanks for the Mk2 aygo document, would be a great help if im stuck etc! As with the Connects2 module loom i was told to use the Yaris alltought they are the same module boxes but comes with a FREE connector to wire the stereo remote too, i have to hack up the module to make my own loom.. so am waiting for delivery for the connects 2 loom, link below... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CTSTY001-2-Steering-Wheel-Stalk-Control-Adaptor-For-TOYOTA-Yaris-2001-2011/370777166975?epid=1422948347&hash=item56540a947f:g:9WsAAOSwibddpaL7 Cheers. J
  13. Hi, the MK2 clock spring fits on to the MK1 column no problem! the steering also is the same fitment, i actually bought all the gear just and waiting for the weather to get good, all fits in place! The wiring is 3 wires which i know what ones needs wiring up... Cheers J
  14. Am looking to convert the Aygo MK2 steering wheel in to the Aygo MK1 with the multifunctional, managed and was lucky to get all in picture below for £100 and the airbag is also new 😎👍 its been done before in another Aygo and a C1 and spoke to the owner who was really kind and very helpfull in explaining the diagram.. once completed ill let ya guys know of how to if interested!! Cheers !! J
  15. A question to ask, has anyone fitted a Mk2 Aygo Steering wheel with multifunction controls in a Mk1 ? I know the clock spring is needed but in order for the steering wheel buttons to work what cabling would i need to connect my Kenwood Double Din Stereo? Also is it a big trouble doing the swap over? Cheers...
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