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  1. Hi all, Just an interest I have with my Corolla HB. Are many of the parts (HB system, engine, electronics to name but a few) actually imported directly from Japan and assembled at the UK factory or do the majority come from Europe? I appreciate parts must be sourced across the world but I can’t find anything specific anywhere on the web that explains it. Might sound daft to ask but when people say to me so what made you buy a Japanese car? Strictly speaking, it’s a UK manufactured car owned by a Japanese corporation. Any answers would be welcome.
  2. Interesting to read all these comments. I may have gone a little overkill here but I’ve ordered the same jump starter as the chap from the RAC used to get my Corolla running again. Pics below of him using it earlier this week. It may prove a waste of money but as a key worker who may need to use the car at short notice, I don’t want the worry of the same issue happening again. Obviously, I just need to actually drive the car too!
  3. Thanks all for the feedback. I’ve borrowed a smart charger (maypole brand) for now and have just connected it to the battery. It has 12volt standard and 12v AGM options. I’m not sure which battery I have. It’s a Varta 345 LN1-MF 45Ah battery. Is that AGM? If so, I will charge it in that mode. I will have a look at the C-Tek chargers so thanks for the advice. I’ll see if the charger does the trick before contacting Peterborough Toyota.
  4. Some advice please. I’ve not used my 2019 2L Corolla in 6 days and the car was completely flat when I tried to unlock it. (First time ever since new.) As the car is kept in the garage and space is very limited, I couldn’t gain access to the boot via the rear door to reach the 12v battery. Toyota advised to charge the car via the positive terminal in the fuse box under the bonnet but the smart charger I borrowed wouldn’t work for some reason once connected to the positive terminal and negative to the body (if I did it correctly - I’m no expert.) I called out the RAC who used a hand held jump st
  5. Evening Everyone, I’m brand new to this forum so hopefully this question hasn’t been asked already... I purchased my 2l Corolla Excel last October and can’t believe how much better I feel driving that everyday compared to my old 1 series. I won’t be going back to the overpriced German brands thats for sure! The car will be a year old at the end of the month with about 6000 miles. I’ve had no service reminder show yet when I start the car. Is there somewhere I can check? Nothing is showing in messages. The car was registered on the 29th Oct so I assumed something would show by now. T
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