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  1. Not that great compared to other manufactures. Problem is toyota relies on a camera to do the detect potential collisions and there is all sorts of conditions that can disable it like too much rain or too much sunlight. I've had the warning come on once for a genuine reason, other few times it came on has been probably for some ghost car, cause i certainly didn't see anything.
  2. Does anyone else find the sensors on the auris a bit too sensitive? I found if i get behind another car and there is alot of exhaust fumes coming out of that car the front sensers start beeping. Any one else find this? or maybe my sensors are actually buggered...
  3. jm89

    Tilt Sensor?

    Surely putting the converter in a more inaccessible place like the engine bay would be better? I think for alot of newer cars the cat isn't as easy to access like the new corolla.
  4. Personally i found putting it behind the front right side pillar. It keeps the phone eye level so i can glance at my phone and still have the road in my peripheral vision and it doesn't obstruct the road ahead as it is behind the pillar. I use one of those weighted bean bag mounts and put that on the dashboard and mount the actual phone mount onto the bean bag, a bit of a faff but once it's done it is so much better then mounting it on the windshield.
  5. Cost charge warning is jut warning for the possible data costs on your phone if you go over whatever your mobile plan allows, no charges from toyota.
  6. I got one installed from a toyota dealership back in october. I live in east london where catloc theft is supposed to be pretty bad, so far so good.
  7. Well that's a shame it's linked to map updates as it looks like the subscriptions to update maps expired for this car last year. They should atleast let you download latest firmware/maps that were available within the dates when your subscription was active, just seems so anti consumer to hide firmware updates behind paywalls and not give anyway of updating. Oh well the infotainment system works so not a big deal, probably gonna use my phone for nav anyway.
  8. Bought a used auris 66 plate recently and it seems the firmware is quite old i think, version is 6.7.0WH. How do i update this? I can't find anything anywhere on toyotas estore or anywhere else. It seems the only options are to buy maps and other services.
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