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  1. I had something similar, and it got to the point where the wiper would get stuck half way and I would have to free it by hand. I used an old toothbrush and some WD-40 to try and clean corrosion and dirt around the spindle. I also adjusted the nut under the plastic spindle cover and that seems to have done the trick for me (for now at least!).
  2. I have had a similar effect occurring on my 2014 Aygo. I think it is on the inside of the headlight, but in order to investigate further would involve removal of the headlight which requires removing the front bumper. So far it isn’t bad enough to warrant the hassle but would be interested to know if any “quick fixes” are available!
  3. @TescoExpress I finally found the solution! When CarPlay is connected and your headlights are on, go to Settings > Display > Apple CarPlay and you can adjust the brightness. Can’t believe I hadn’t seen that already!
  4. Hi Matt, I also encounter this issue, as even with the screen brightness set to its lowest setting when the headlights are on, I find the screen to be distracting while driving at night. My solution is to use the "Screen Off" function at the top right of the settings menu, however I tend to only listen to music through CarPlay and you may find this difficult if you are using navigation. Interested to hear if anyone else has a better solution - perhaps a software update if there is one?
  5. The connectors aren’t too bad to get to themselves once you have the trim held back. The most fiddly part is getting the clips to release when initially removing the old lights. Can also be a bit tricky when removing the old lights as in addition to the screws it is held in place by metal clips which can be a bit tough (one of mine had rusted). I have attached a relevant page from the manual which might be helpful. I would add having seen the technique in the video that rather than prising the plastic trim past the gas strut for the boot which could cause damage, it’s easier to use a flathead screwdriver to release the tab at the top of the gas strut to remove it for a second. Hope this is useful info. All the best and hope installation goes smoothly! 😄
  6. Hi Brad, I got both of the lights used from vehicles being broken for parts. I got one of them from Synetiq and the other from eBay. Cost was £150 for both but prices can vary. Hopefully you are able to find some at at reasonable price.
  7. Can confirm it is just plug and play. I didn't have any trouble with the install of mine yesterday, however I have previously replaced a tail light due to a cracked housing so had a bit of experience. Makes a big difference to the look of the car! 😁 Bear in mind it is probably worthwhile to notify your insurer of the changeover. Mine didn't ask for any extra premium but better safe than sorry.
  8. In case anyone comes across this thread, I can confirm that the entirety of the aerial from the roof to the back of the head unit needs to be replaced. You will need both a new aerial AND the dashboard aerial loom in order to install. I was able to get a hold of the aerial but not the dashboard wiring loom so I am not proceeding. Hope anyone else attempting the same has a better chance than I did!
  9. I know where to get the parts I was just looking to ascertain exactly how much work is involved. Does it require all new wiring from the roof into the back of the head unit? Or assume there is another cable linkage somewhere en route between the two?
  10. Hi All, Recently treated my 2014 Mk2 Aygo X-Play to a CarPlay retrofit with the 86140-YV020 head unit. This unit has DAB functionality however my car was not factory specced with this feature. To allow me to access DAB stations I realise I need to install an aerial with DAB input but I was wondering how easy of a job this is and whether I require a new aerial and dashboard loom or just the aerial. Any help or advice would be much appreciated! Thanks 😄
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