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  1. Uneven wear causes tire noises. This happens due to the contact between the road and uneven tires. The unbalanced tread depths cause to make loud noises and usually you will hear sounds caused by uneven wear coming from one tire. That's why you hear it from front when changed the rear tyre to front. Otherwise . Alignment issues can also cause tire noises.
  2. perhaps tire may have an expire date printed on it.10 years could be too old to use
  3. Recently I watched a file named "BloodShot". It's starting with artificial blood made in labrotatory and giving life back .. Really intresting..
  4. My 2006 Toyota Yaris will not open the rear passenger side door from either inside or outside the car. I tried the electronic key as well as the manual door opening, including the internal unlocking button. What can I do myself to fix this before getting technical help?
  5. Could this be a battery saving system?
  6. Some owners use plastic films to prevent glasses from scratches
  7. Once I saw a man carrying a van tyre complaining about bulge on it. It was the first incident I saw like that in my life. I was wondering how it could be. What is the cause for this? As I felt, it was a very dangerous condition as there is a chance to explode the tyre suddenly it when someone was driving a vehicle with a tyre like that.
  8. As I've read most of times, this sort of noise is usually associated with problems with the clutch release or throw-out bearings
  9. road debris obstructing caliper motion or internal debris blocking the flow of brake fluid may be the reason. Since the side brakes caught on fire, there is possible chance of debris in this case clearing the obstruction may be helpful
  10. Hi, I'm Sabrina from India. My family bought Toyota Camry (2019) L model car several months ago. I joined this community to learn about this model more and request a help when in need. I hope it will be nice to stay here with fellow members
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