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  1. I think they are the Wing bars, which are very aerodynamic
  2. Maybe I haven’t had an update, but it’s still there for me (and works).
  3. Just checked on mine, can still see every trip on ‘hybrid coaching’
  4. I think the Toyota bars are rebranded Thule, so Thule boxes & cycle carriers should fit.
  5. When you lift off accelerator you get a bit of regenerative braking, but you need to hold the brake to get Max regen (you can see the bar on the display fill up). B mode (in a 1.8 - N/A on 2.0) just uses the combustion engine to generate drag - ideal if your hybrid battery is full.
  6. I made a post a couple of months ago - and mooted the GPF as the potential culprit. have to admit in the milder weather, I’ve not noticed any smoke / steam at all. No change in fluid levels either.
  7. I got one too! Just stuck it in the file with the V5 etc
  8. As I understand it, it’s LOAD rather than REVS that can harm a cold engine. I expect although the engine revs were high, your foot is a long way from the bottom of the accelerator pedal, and therefore you probably haven’t loaded the engine up much. The electric motor would take up much of the load anyway I suspect. as others have said above, it’s a precision-engineered piece of kit, and well lubricated. Unlikely any damage caused. Would be worse going flat out in a cold highly-strung turbocharged engine
  9. It’s a great car the TS. The spaces in the boot are quite surprising- I think the compartment by the rear seats can be removed too. There’s loads of space around the 12v battery (as long as you are sensible with what you put in there). it’s great that Toyota have really thought about practical features, rather than just leaving a great big open space. I'm really impressed with the performance of the 2.0, and with the warmer weather I’m seeing 70mpg on occasional 15+ mile journeys. It really is having your cake & eating it.
  10. Tony as the Yaris hybrid 1.5 is a scaled down version of the 2.0 & 2.5 the cat should be equally as inaccessible as the Corolla. The same issue with some crim mistaking the particulate filter for a Cat is likely to happen - but as we have only heard of one case (?) on here, it’s maybe not so much of an issue to be concerned about. police seem to be getting interested in cat thefts now - seen a few things recently on Facebook & local news that they are trying to clamp down
  11. Yes that’s the one! I think the RAV4 is around £5k more expensive than the Corolla (like for like spec). I would have loved one, but couldn’t quite justify the extra expense.
  12. I agree with Tony, if you will regularly be carrying either 3 adults, or just tall adults in the back, a RAV is much more spacious. I noticed Toyota have released some info on their EV SUV this morning which looks very nice - potentially my next car in years to come when kids are grown up.
  13. Hi, just checked and yeah it does have some
  14. It’s probably not there as it isn’t needed. The engine is very quiet from outside the vehicle as it is. It’s louder inside than outside. Extra soundproofing around the firewall would be preferable.
  15. I’ve got a 2.0 TS, which I’m really happy with. There is much more space in the rear of the estate, than the hatch. The only complaint from me is rear headroom is only around 920mm (from seat to roof) so anyone over 6ft will probably have their head close to, or touching the ceiling. The 2.0 is great for carrying extra weight, and for motorway journeys with the extra performance over the 1.8.
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