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  1. It should have had a hybrid health check as part of its servicing - assuming it has a Toyota main dealer service history. It’s a free part of the service. What is the mileage on yours?
  2. Interesting. My MY21 (late 2020 car) has just had a new subframe (as Toyota thought was the cause of my noisy suspension) and within a day I’d scraped it on a high speed hump (admittedly a sizeable speed bump with 4 adults & a child in the car). Assuming mine has a MY23 subframe (latest part no) it does appear to sit quite low under the car. .
  3. This ^^ but a detailer rather than a valeter. A quality ceramic coating is a much better solution than Supaguard, if you want a low maintenance, but durable finish. Failing that a quality wax (like Colinite. 476S) will have 6 months of durability at a fraction of the cost
  4. A tip that I learned from @TonyHSD to keep the brake disk clear of rust is to occasionally drop the car into neutral with the gear selector and then apply the brakes. In neutral you don’t get ANY regenerative braking so you get 100% pad on disk braking which clears the disks nicely. Pop it back into drive after to accelerate (and charge both hybrid battery and 12v battery)
  5. Well today was the day that my noisy suspension is finally sorted 🙌 after at least 5 visits to the dealer (who were helpful, patient & determined) we got to the bottom of it. The following parts were replaced in order: visit 1: diagnostics Visit 2: Anti roll bar bush (TSB) visit 3: shock absorber (and drop link, as it broke) visit 4: further diagnostics and investigation visit 5: lower arm, then subframe and FINALLY - the strut top mount (the actual cause of the noise). I dread to think of the warranty parts & labour bill - inc alignment after subframe replacement. Safe to say both myself and dealership were relieved to fix it. I did tell them early on that it was probably the top mount, but never mind. . .brand new suspension in that corner isn’t a bad thing.
  6. I did 500 miles in my friends Model 3 Long Range, and it was a lot of fun - 30-70mph is unbeatable in those. back to the 1.8-2.0 debate, my brief stint with a 2010 Auris hybrid (1,500 miles) saw around 56mpg on average, which is exactly what my 2.0 Corolla TS has averaged over the last 3 years / 26,000 miles. The Gen 4 1.8 I expect is more efficient that the GEN3.
  7. Gray86


  8. The driving modes are a bit of a gimmic, as said above its just throttle response & steering weight. Makes no difference to MPG if you drive the same
  9. Cruz wing bars from roof box.co.uk, very impressed with mine still after 2 years of ownership. Easy on & off, and pretty much silent. If I was leaving them on the car all the time, and keeping the car for many years I’d have spent the extra on Thule, but for my occasional use - 4-5 times a year, these are fine for me. Had Thule on my previous Golf R, and they were a bit better quality.
  10. Thanks for sharing. Drivability of the engine sounds much improved, and the safety systems (which I’ve never been particularly impressed with on my 2020 Corolla TS)
  11. I’ve just had a set of mud flaps from them and ordered loads before (they are also known as Toyota direct parts). Always good service!
  12. Yes, mine does this when it thinks that I’m about to drive into the car in front. Completely dulls throttle response for a bit
  13. I really like the GY EGP2s, after 4,000 miles they have worn less than half a millimetre. Unfortunately I got a puncture the other day which meant a new one - at £95 fitted, could have been worse.
  14. I do think this really needs testing with the new gen, all of the above is based on the gen4. Gen 5 appears to take the game on forward.
  15. 13 plate doesn’t have an electric handbrake (our 15 plate 1.33 manual doesn’t). I’d check the towing ratings - expect its at least 750kg which should be fine for a garden trailer
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