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  1. I recall mine sat in a field near Cromford for about a week before it made it to the dealer. The MyT app allowed me to track its journey.
  2. My friend with his 2016 Nissan Navara had a flat battery a few weeks ago, due to lack of use. The CTEC got it going again, but a health-check at Halfords suggested battery is only around 75% of its original capacity. The trick is to never let it get fully depleted if you want to preserve your battery
  3. ^THIS. VAG DI injectors are notoriously fragile, especially on performance models as the environment in the combustion chamber is a particularly hostile environment. I loved my old Golf, and had a lot of fun (see photos & video), but if you want hassle free motoring. . . You can’t go wrong with Toyota. With modern Toyotas being as good to drive as German equivalents, and similarly priced, it’s a win win. EAC411DE-2B57-4276-90DE-2B47B6A93537.MP4
  4. The RAV is much more spacious inside - and the boot is comparable with the TS also. I really wanted one instead of the Corolla, but couldn’t quite stretch to it, and I’m not sure it will be as good to drive as the Corolla. I think the lack of headroom is the ‘shooting brake’ styling, rather than the boxy estate styling like a Golf.
  5. If you are really committed to getting this fixed - check out the transformation on this 100,000 mile 15yr old Golf GTI, with just a professional detailer and high quality products. better than new now:
  6. I’m quite into my detailing, after owning a Lapiz blue golf R for 5 years which had the softest paint I’d ever seen. modern paints are generally soft and chip & marr easily. Black just makes it stand out more. if you have time to fix the swirling yourself, I’d thoroughly recommend the DAS6 Pro DA polisher, with Menzerna polishes & pads. I bought mine from ‘cleanyourcar’ website. Washing with a sponge is a sure-fire way to encourage swirls as there is no where for any surface grit to go, so it sits on the surface of the sponge and scratches the soft paint.
  7. I’m sorry to hear that. The rear of the TS isn’t as spacious as Toyota’s marketing blurb suggests. . . Leg room is marginally better than a golf. I’m 6ft 1, and there’s decent clearance for our 3.5yr old boy to sit behind, although I like to sit up in the drivers seat, rather than lie back which may be why there’s still a reasonable amount of space behind. we are about to swap our 360 for another Joie seat as we are close to out-growing it. Probably go for the Joie Stages seat
  8. I think it’s partly down to the fact that the hybrid powertrains spend most of their life at 1500rpm so not a lot of exhaust pressure -and are very thermally efficient so don’t get as hot as conventional cars. it can be quite a smoke screen if you haven’t accelerated hard for a while will have to see about exhaust longevity as these cars get older. Not normally an issue these days as you say
  9. Mine is the same. High 40s for my volume on Bluetooth audio
  10. I should have said ‘most modern Toyotas’
  11. I think it uses the same 0w20 oil that all modern Toyotas use, given the BHP per litre, it probably degrades that oil much quicker than your average 1.8 hybrid. That, and the expectation that it will be driven hard. The intervals make sense
  12. It is the recommended way to jump start a hybrid (by the handbook), and therefore it’s a safe way to apply charge power to the 12v battery. I’m keen to see something from Toyota that shows this is incorrect, if you have something?
  13. You can charge it via the ‘live’ point in the fuse box under the bonnet if required too
  14. I’ll try AGM mode when I top mine up later in the week. I’ve not got a multimeter unfortunately, so unable to check voltage. I’ve left mine overnight and its been fine - a Youtuber I watch (Shmee150) uses these chargers on all his super car fleet, and leaves them plugged in for months at a time with no issues (just nicely charged batteries!)
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