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  1. The buttons are different on the radio. I can't get it to work 🤥
  2. Mine is at 20,5 and feels a bit cool just as I like it. I don't think I have anything to test the actual air temperature with though. Hmm or maybe I do. I believe my multimeter can measure temperature...if I can find it.
  3. It is much safer using a HUD than looking down at the speedometer. It is also an option so you can either not buy it or turn it off 👍
  4. What is it you want to know about the temperature control?
  5. In front of the gear lever next to the wireless phone charger I have a cigarette lighter in mine.
  6. So I just ordered a new Yaris and I was wondering if any secrets have been found so far, like the hidden diagnostic menus on older models? First post here so hi! and a picture of the car I ordered (not mine though but same colours etc.)
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