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  1. If anyone ever wonder if this cube will work - I managed to replace my brake lads and disks at the rear with this tool. It works fine.
  2. I have seen this kit in another thread about doing the rear brakes. However I do not want to buy this kit, because of the limited space. I would like to know if doing the brake job is doable with the cube tool. I think it will, but asking here just in case.
  3. Hi guys. Did anyone use this tool for their brake job on the Avensis t27? I don't have any other tool and was wondering if this will work
  4. There is still a recall open for my car that Toyota needs to fix, so bringing it in soon and I will address this issue I have at the same time
  5. Hi guys, hopefully you can share your experience on this: When I travel at low speed I notice that the car sort of shudders while maintaining that low speed, if I take my foot off the accelerator the shuddering stops, when I put foot back on to maintain low speed it starts again, but if I put my foot down further, the shudder stops. Although my car is an automatic (cvt), I would describe the problem as if I was driving a manual car in 4th gear on the motorway, then slowing down to say 30km p/h and keeping it in 4th gear, a manual car would start to shudder which would indicate the driver needs to change to a lower gear. Then took it to my mechanic who came for a drive with me, he felt the shudder but didn't know what it could be. He just said not to worry about it.
  6. I have cleaned the throttle body and it has fixed the low idle issue. Since then I noticed that the car running at low rpm when I maintain speeds up to 50km/u. I will create a new thread for this
  7. @yossarian247 I'm not sure if you can see it in the video, but it seems to also happen when the AC is off. What I find the most annoying is, is that when I am driving at low speeds below 60km/h and I am pressing the gas pedal lightly to maintain the speed, the RPM is around 1000 RPM. When it is just above 1000RPM, all is fine, but usually it drops just below 1000, this causes the engine to vibrate and you hear this low bass "brrrrrr" sound. The engine won't stall and when I press the gas it picks up nicely. At higher speeds the RPM is higher and I don't have any issues. I am still planning to clean the throttle body, replace the PCV valve, clean the MAF sensor and add some fuel additive in the tank. Does anyone know the part number of the PCV valve and the intake manifold gasket? The PCV valve is hidden away in this engine and when removing the intake manifold, I will also replace the gasket. I still don't have the time and space to work on my car, but I am preparing all the parts needed to do the job.
  8. You will be surprised how much dirt has collected over the years. Your cloth will be pitch black the first few wipes. I cleaned the wheel in the evening and dyed the wheel the next morning without taking off the wheel. I just taped off the parts of the wheel and make sure you dont drip on your seats with the paint. 5 hours laterI could already drive the car. The paint still wasnt fully dry, but dry enough to not give me black hands. The paint will need about a full week to fully cure
  9. Hi Jin, My T27 steering wheel was in such a bad condition that I was thinking of purchasing a cover or a new wheel. Instead I bought the exact same kit as the one in your link and restored my wheel completely. It looks as new and I am very happy that I bought the kit. I wish I made before and after pics to show them to you. Just make sure to clean the steering wheel well and when you think you cleaned enough, clean again! Put light thin layers of dye and let it dry before putting a new layer on it. Just take your time with it. GL
  10. Checked, all seems fine. Not sure if torque stores codes, unfortunately I could not find any. Next thing im going to try is clean the throttle body and use an additive. It wont be any time soon because I dont have a nice place to work om the car at this moment. Will update when I have done cleaning the TB
  11. Hi all, Coming from a Lexus Hybrid and recently purchased a used Avensis T27 petrol 1.8, I am not sure if this is normal, because a hybrid is completely silent so no vibrations and in EV mode). When I start the car and engine is cold, the needle is moving up and down. I have made a video. The engine here is warmed up. I tested in park and drive mode, turned AC on and off. When AC is off the needle barely moves. Skip to 3:00, here it is in DRIVE mode and AC on. Should I be worried? So far I only plugged in a OBD scanner and started Torque app, but no codes. Nothing else checked yet because weather sucks these days.
  12. Thanks Konrad. I have watched some videos on YT about toyota CVT fluid drain and fill and learned quite a lot. I hoped there was someone here with the same model that did it.
  13. I have been looking up info how to change the transmission fluid on a toyota CVT. It seems that the mechanic has to pay attention to the fluid temperature, because if the fluid is hot, the fluid in the CVT expands. When you drain and fill then, you will have not enough fluid in the transmission. Perhaps your garage started working on your car right after you drove to them so fluid was way too hot?
  14. Did anyone here change their cvt fluid? I am trying to find some DIY info, but so far no luck. By changing I mean just a drain and refill.
  15. Thanks for confirming. Now I can stop searching the internet for an answer. 🙂
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