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  1. Mine was added afterwards and the light of cruise control does not go on. But know that it will work even if there is no light illuminating.
  2. 140k kilometres. I am not from the UK,( when registering I had to select a location from the UK) but from the Netherlands. the car passes the emissions test fine. They never really provide values if it is ok. 10W40 grade can be used according to the manual, although it is on the thicker side, the car runs fine and starts immediately. I don't even notice any difference in how the engine behaves with 0w20 or 10w40 with these temperatures. I might notice it during winter though.
  3. Around the engine. Ill compare it with the sound of mine to see if there is any difference
  4. Sorry to hear you are still struggling with this. Could you take a video of the engine bay while the car is on? Just checking if I can hear anything strange compared with my car, which is identical to yours.
  5. I wanted to update that I solved thw blue smoke myself. I went to the toyota dealer and asked them to check why the car is smoking. I left my car there the whole day and at the end of the day they called and said they "didn't find any leaks, so it is internal engine wear". I was very dissapointed that they didn't even try to diagnose what the issue could be. I took the car back and changed oil and filter a couple days later. This time I bought Valvoline Maxlif 10W-40 in the hope the thicker viscousity at operating temperature would stop the oil burning somehow. This was a long shot as I was still not sure what the cause was, but after driving a lot lately with many stop and go and idling, the problem is "fixed" for now. Once my kids grow up a little bit more I will trade in this car for something smaller, so I am happy with this bandaid fix.
  6. Luckily the dashboard doesn't look like a christmas tree anymore. Unfortunately the smoking is still happening after idling for a few minutes when the engine is warmed up. Im afraid it is the valve stem seals.
  7. I cleared the code again yesterday and this morning all the lights came back. I opened the hood and the connector to the manifold turning valve was a bit loose. I heard a click when I pressed it hard and started the car, cleared the code again, turn off the car . Start the car back and the code did not return. Hopefully it will stay that way 🙂 and I really hope the smoking problem will be resolved now. The new pcv valve rattles much more freely than the old one. I will find out if it has worked after a longer trip and let it sit idling for a bit.
  8. I bought a new pcv valve and installed it today. I started the car and drove around for a bit, no codes and went home. Abit later I need to do some groceries and start the car with this, see video. Anyone know what it could be? Edit: scanned for codes and it is P0660 Something to do with the intake manifold.. Im sure it is installed correctly VID20220328151007.mp4
  9. Oh yes I cleaned the throttle body before and it was a huge improvement. My car was idling rough and that fixed it. Hmm interesting.. I didn't pay much attention when the air intake was removed. If there is no oil in it, would you recommend clean it anyway with something?
  10. Thanks for your reply. A year ago I cleaned the PCV, but didn't replace it. Stupid I know, maybe I need to swap that out for a new one first. The blue smoke only start when I let the car idle for a few minutes, so I didn't really think of the pcv, because if it would be stuck open, I think the car would smoke 24/7. But maybe I should just replace it for a new one anyway to be sure. I have tried 2 additives, I believe wynns stop leak was one of them.
  11. My avensis 1.8 petrol has been using some oil and I notice that when I park the car and leave it idling for a few minutes, it starts to smoke and smell of burned oil. When I start driving a huge cloud of smoke come out of it and it will keep smoking at the next few stoplights when the lights turn green. It only happens when the weather gets warmer, lets say 10 degrees celsius or higher. Very likely the valve stem seals are no good. I have tried an additive but unfortunately no luck. So I want to try a high milage oil, this one in particular: Valvoline Max Life C3 5W30 Can I use this oil?
  12. My car has cc installed afterwards and doesn't show lights when activated. I have driven Toyota Lexus for years so I can control it fine without lights. Not sure if you can install the on off light like it came out of the factory
  13. If anyone ever wonder if this cube will work - I managed to replace my brake lads and disks at the rear with this tool. It works fine.
  14. I have seen this kit in another thread about doing the rear brakes. However I do not want to buy this kit, because of the limited space. I would like to know if doing the brake job is doable with the cube tool. I think it will, but asking here just in case.
  15. Hi guys. Did anyone use this tool for their brake job on the Avensis t27? I don't have any other tool and was wondering if this will work
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