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  1. An interesting topic! I live in Colorado, USA and a few people have asked me why Prius drivers here drive like bats-out-of-hell and it's true...I've seen Prius drivers going WAY over the speed limit! Maybe they falsely assume the hybrids are gutless and once they have one discover the thrill of punching it and getting both engines going. My friend has a Tesla and she took me to lunch and showed me what it does when they punch it....holy moly.....felt like being launched off an air craft carrier!!
  2. I just checked my mileage a few days ago (2013 iQ 1.3 liter with CVT tranny). She has 95,000 miles and got 41.5 mpg on that last fill. She's my commuter car so mostly highway miles (45-55 mph, country roads mostly). My wife's 2017 Prius is getting 56 mpg so beating the snot out of me!!!
  3. Oh no...I didn't know that! I'm a former US Air Force member and have seen Toyota iQ's in Italy and France. When they were sold in the US, Toyota badged them as Scion but I don't like that so rebadged mine as Toyota. If a stick shift were offered here, I would've gotten one...not a big fan of the CVT tranny. I am thankful I can, still, find parts for the iQ online at a few Toyota dealers in the states.
  4. Yep, links don't seem to be working. I had a light out in the center knob of my iQ (the one where you push the center button to turn off/on the recirculating air). I want to remove the knob so I can replace the light but this morning I just struck the knob and the light came back on. (Hitting car stuff must be equivalent to rebooting a computer! Sometimes stuff starts working again!) Whoop!!!
  5. I'm not in the UK (Colorado, USA) but since they haven't sold the iQ in North America for a few years figured I'd join my UK iQ drivers! (FWIW, I do have ancestors from the UK....Sir WIlliam DeHolt and Lady Jane Knight, late 1300's from Warwick Castle in Warwickshire, England.) I bought a 2013 iQ new as my primary commuter car and have like the great mileage and have tinkered with her a bit...she's going on 90,000 miles now. (And she's the hot lava color...NOT pumpkin as my wife calls her!) We also have a Toyota Tundra (2014) and my wife drives a Prius 2 (2017)....long line of Toyo
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