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  1. try replacing the brake lines with goodrich brake lines the difference is VERY noticable
  2. probably best to check if they do one for your car as they are car specific they dont do one for the gen 6 celica :censor:
  3. thanks for the comments they are most appreciated the side panels are mdf covered in acoustic cloth i made a perspex panel to go into these and then covered in two layers of limo black window tint then i did my grim reaper tempelates they are backlit with l.e.d.s since those pics i have also re-carpeted the underside of the parcel shelf to hide the wiring for my 6x9s there are also two other panels coming back from the side panels which are also carpeted but with these i have cut out the alpine logo which is also back lit with l.e.d.s after i have finished them all ive got to do is the floor
  4. my alpine has an operation instruction book thats bigger than WAR AND PEACE :D but its a cracking head unit !!!
  5. ive just done this to mine but worked stopped when i went on my hols i have got to get it finished for japfest 2 so it will be all finished next week
  6. Well I don't think they got into our good books last year after only leaving us a tiny grass verge to park up on, so if management has given them a bit of a grilling after that I could understand it. It's a bit childish of them to not try and sort out the situation, though. Paul. the moral of this story being......................... keep in their good books i am going with celica club and we havnt had any problems plus the tickets were only £6 :D
  7. also just noticed this on celica club looks like you could be in for an expensive job hopefully not though
  8. spotipus


    !Removed! hell if u think they are bad you wanna try going into halFOOLS
  9. as the owner of a totally unmodified :!Removed!: celica (lying b..........) and therefore being totally objective THATS THE ABSOLUTE DOGS DANGLIES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love it
  10. spotipus


    list all the things that are wrong with the repairs take photographic evidence of all the damage and the bodged work. tell em that you want the car sorted within 7 working days give them copies of list and photos give them the chance to put it all right but explain that your next port of call is trading standards but if they are a bunch of cowboys they probably wont give a toss unless u actually do contact trading standards good luck
  11. ime going with TOC! this year so far got 75 celicas but will obviously come over to have a nosy round toc see ya all there hope this weather holds out
  12. cheers sotal will have a look
  13. gentlemen and laydees where do i get a samco or other manufacturer hose kit for my st202 its a 94 with 3sge engine otherwise does anyone know the dimensions bends etc i remember booster gave the dimensions for his gt4 pipework but i suppose they would be different on a sidenote i polished my alternator and exhaust heat shield last year managed to look great for about two weeks but i didnt use a lacquer i want to do it again but does anyone know of a high temperature resistant lacquer or chrome paint that they would reccomend cheers guys
  14. i bet limekiln bank is fun for you then chris
  15. i love mine to bits :D i wish ide had it about 10 years ago though you remember when roads for for driving on before they became tarmac tax collectors :ffs: :ffs: £££ kin GATSOS :censor:
  16. very nice mate thats what i used to have on mine
  17. dunno about lowered cars sotal ive got one of the dreaded bumps outside my house and the amount of totally standard cars that catch bodywork and exhausts is ridiculous ive got hks springs on mine 35mm drop but its that stiff that i get no rebound affect which i think is where these standard cars have problems the only ones i have to be careful with are the mountain range type :ffs: that are about 4 inches higher than the pavement and go right across the road :censor: tut tut naughty boy 40 mph in a thirty i only do thirty in the car over em :D i can hit sixty in the van though :D :D :D
  18. prisons are a joke they are more like fu......n hotels bring back the rope the birch the stocks the ducking stool (oops showin my age now)
  19. try a traders policy thats the way ime going next time my mates got one and no he ISNT a motor trader £500 any vehicle 3rd party up to £5k value also they do fully comp hope that helps :D
  20. full stainless steel ditch the cat but save it 4 mot time ive got the k&n induction but i think the enclosed trd is the way to go
  21. the usual reason is because they want to wait for the swelling to go down i used to be a bit of an expert at broken hand bones combination of beer and friday :D 6 finger breaks one knuckle displaced and a broken thumb when i packed in drinking my hand was sooooo happy :D
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