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  1. Like the title says, really. Not usually noticeable, except on (e.g.) hill starts, where she gets revved a little more than usual. Not visible while driving normally, but she is using a bit of oil-dipstick high mark to low mark in about 1K miles(she's covered 112K) Is this sort of oil consumption normal for this car's age and mileage? I'm aware that oil burning is caused (in general, not specifically in Aygos) by either worn valve guide oil seals, worn/gummed-up piston rings or a clogged PCV system. Which is the most likely in an old, high-mileage Aygo? If I changed oi
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    The actual wording on the advisory on the brakes reads "not significantly weakened", and the operation of the brakes is satisfactory, not having been commented on by the tester. The tyres are being replaced tomorrow. The only reason they haven't been replaced already is that I couldn't get a fitting appointment before tomorrow. And I haven't bought the cheapest tyres I could find, I've got the best I can afford. The only reason it failed in the first place is that I took my mechanic's advice to "not bother with a pre-MOT check" as it was a waste of time. My car is street-legal for anothe
  3. Can I point you at this thread.? There's a link in there for an Aygo "towbar" offered on Amazon, intended to mount a bike carrier on. Hope it helps . . .
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    My old 2005 Aygo has passed its MOT without too much hassle! She initially failed on headlamp aim, an airbag fault, and a failed number plate light bulb. There are advisory notices for corroded brake discs, which I'll deal with when the weather improves(!) and 3 tyres, 2of them for tread wear and one for "cracking/perishing", which will be sorted in the next few days. I think that tally isn't bad for a 15-year-old runabout! Now she's street-legal for another year, I can start making her my own . . .
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    Aygo towcar?

    Thank you, Frostyballs, that has clarified things for me. I thought the Aygo wasn't approved for towing, but I get why one might fit a towbar to carry bikes.
  6. 54Fifer

    Aygo towcar?

    I have just found this on Amazon. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Detachable-Rameder-Complete-Electric-113312-05442/dp/B01DC7VQBE/ref=sr_1_78?dchild=1&keywords=tachometer+toyota+aygo&qid=1604013963&quartzVehicle=111-1438&replacementKeywords=tachometer&sr=8-78 I didn't believe it! I thought the Aygo wasn't approved for towing. What do you all think? My other car tows my 500Kg (loaded) unbraked trailer tent, and I'd love to be able to tow it behind my Aygo, but whether that's advisable , or indeed safe, I don't know . . .
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