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  1. New leaf is ace but again no battery cooling tech so rapid charges hurt the battery like 24,/30kw versions - and range is still off. Their 60kw version next up is probably the car to have especially if batteries come down further 😎 I love the Yaris is so smooth, the abarth is going for the ev
  2. Good point he's not, I've got receipts for dealer parts etc - I'll take my chances on Toyota and the build quality and reliability. £200 saved is a lot of repair funds down the line. Plus Tesla 3 will be out in 18 months so it will be moving on.
  3. Thanks for the replies appreciate them 👍 I failed to point out my son's a qualified mechanic and he's doing a full service, Toyota are doing a safety check next week when they check the battery. As for goodwill, agreed you read every day these companies helping out when the warranty is a day late. Today I get my cambelt done on my abarth 500 8yrs and 33,000 cost £63 parts and 4-5 hrs labour. Fiat wanted £400+ I'll not over pay for anything. Hoping the mpg improves as petrol isnt coming down anytime soon. Ev next car for sure.
  4. Right, I've been here before and with the Wifes Yaris Hybrid 2 years old it needs the big service (20k) cars done 13k @ £295.00 luckily my lad is a trained mechanic with his own unit. So in line with service requirements I bought the oil and filter from Toyota and when the wife rang up it was £68.23 (yes that's for 5 litres and a filter) I S you not. OK you guys love a nice shiny showroom to pay for, well I bought a car not a glossy showroom so when I arrived to collect I told them to hold the oil (they got it as not in stock) and told them i was buying it elsewhere for £38.99 delivered (genuine like for like) Luckily Listers Nuneaton matched the price, so as said its good to talk. saving £15.00 Paid £53.23 (still a lot) Back next week for the hybrid check @ £45.00 I'll suck that up as nobody else can do it. Oh I get a free car wash :-) free coffee by the gallon next Thursday. Really happy with the car, in fact, other than poor MPG (50/51) I guess it needs time to break in my Abarth 500 took 25k to give me better MPG Mod edit - shouting removed.
  5. Agreed no point venting my disapproval to you guys 👍 rant shared and off my chest 😀 Ligmo (Let It Go Move On)
  6. Agreed your either with the plan or not. Manufacturers never lie and always looking out for us 🤔 I trust all of them I mean vw very honest German group, its not going to hurt profits if they say every 4 years? Pays your money takes your chance. Cycling is much the same theory change your chain twice via sprockets, yet I've had loads of chains and the sprocket is like new 12k in, I'll not be sucked into what they think is right based on marketing and profit good look to others wasting there money 💣
  7. cheers all :-) Frosty I was told the cost of a service as I asked when I visit listers but didn't realise that a car that's done 14,000 would really need a major service. I've never heard anyone needing to replace brake fluid after 2 years. unless their system and parts are that bad. Money for old rope as per usual.
  8. Just scanned 13 pages of threads and nobody has moaned about the cost of a service :-) so I'll start. Collected the TYH yesterday and its got 11320 miles on the clock born 22.12.15 and had its last service 11th Jan 2017 at 6500miles. Listers Nuneaton full service is £295 I guess this includes looking at the hybrid system for 30 seconds @ £45 (sales guy said they don't check it other than look at it, I guess that's till you buy it and find a £45 charge for tea and biscuits. Am I right in thinking the battery needs to be checked every 12-13 months to keep the warranty going 1yr extra 10,000 miles up to 10years? the rest as long as it's serviced on schedule using correct parts, filters and oil by an independent garage, you're covered by Toyota's warranty? £1500 for 5 years servicing @ £295 is a lot of repairs down the line. If you know the score and have been through all this, please do share it's very much appreciated. and saving money (which is why we bought it would be great) Rant shared :-)
  9. Early days and its first trip to work and back today 48MPG, need to work out when to use the EV button at some stage for that extra MPG hit.
  10. Ricey155

    Phone Mount?

    Also you need to add a sticky magnetic patch to your phone. so your new shiny phone looks 2nd hand after a few weeks :-( (mine did) I guess the best place to mount a suction style is the little front window?
  11. Searched everywhere for old info from 2015 spec'd cars, I guess they just used the HP figure not BHP. as the hybrids are all 100bhp in any clothing. anyway bought the available car for the strife yesterday, nice and easy 40min drive and viewed it after a phone call prior (prep it) and paid via direct debit 0.22% charge £24. drove it home and very impressed with the drive all be it not FAST.
  12. Just sold my Civic Type R that I had converted and done 60k in the 7 years I owed it with LPG *8 in total. it's great LPG stations are becoming more and more limited. many have taken them out as it's not taken off like they thought. Enjoy the whole £10 road tax refund per year if you pay it, we got £15 a run it on GAS all day long. LPG system isn't as efficient as petrol think it's calorific 90% at best (hope that's the right term) One last note, your car won't be worth anything like a standard car, you may be lucky. but mods like LPG for some reason put people off. £2000 is way over the top for an install. hope it works out, nearly double MPG is always nice :-)
  13. Quickie for the people who know 👍 I'm scanning around for a 2 year old hybrid 15/65 plate availablecar have a sport listed with 100bhp, Westaaway have the icon listed as 73bhp I thought they had same engine specs? Privacy glass, 16" wheels and spoiler add ons ? Icon has nav in this model Am I missing anything please? 👍
  14. Good read 👍 Anyone got a real world idea on standard petrol 1.5 to 1.5 hybrid mpg? Test drove a 65 plate 13k on the clock and say around the 50mpg mark. Great comfy drive I'll add 😉
  15. Very impressive drive the hybrid, little disappointing that it only reached 45mph on a trip up down the A444 Nuneaton 🤔 amazing but it's too big and the wife wants a Yaris instead