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  1. Does anyone know is it a big job to change the driver side window regulator on avensis .as when I put window down it goes completely off track and falls down
  2. We're do you get coilovers for avensis that isn't dear
  3. Has anyone put coilovers or lowering springs on there avensis and what is the best mm lowered
  4. Thanks all got them working relay for front fog .to get at it you have to remove centre twin fan on dash was easy enough .
  5. The relay I can't seem to find where to put it
  6. What about 2008 avensis do anyone know where relay switch is
  7. Does anyone know where the front fog light relay switch goes on 2008 avensis need help as I can't find it .and just installed my foglights
  8. Any advice on how to install front fog lights 08 avensis I heard I need fog lights indicator stalk and relay switch is this all I need and where does the fog light relay switch go thanks
  9. So what all did you need to put in the fog lights .I am gona to do mine 2008 model
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