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  1. I have a second Gen. transfer box for sale. When i ordered one for my 3rd. Gen, they sent the wrong one. They didn't want it back, because of the postage cost. I have had it for over a year, in case they changed their mind. I just want it gone for £50. I am in the Brighton area, as this will be pickup only. If you send an email address, i will send photo's.
  2. When you say actuator, do you mean the vacume operated solenoid, or the ecu,which is under the passeger side dashboard. (right hand drive) Andy
  3. I have an LN 130 transfer box, with actuator atatched. It was sent to me in error as i have a KZN185. The seller didn't want it back because of the delivery cost sending it to me, and the return cost. I have waited 6 months,in case he decided he wanted it back. I have now decided to sell it. It was sold to me in good faith, and i was told it came off an accident damaged vehicle. It can be picked up to the East of Brighton E Sussex, or if you want it picked up by your courier, i will Secure it to the pallet,it is on and wrap it as well. Thanks Andy. 07890323774.
  4. No joy at the garage today, non of the diagrams were compatable with my vehicle. The garage do know what they are doing, and can't understand why there is this problem. I am very close to giving up with it. Andy.
  5. Thank you very much for your help, i have printed them, and will take them to the garage tomorrow. Thank you very much for your help, i will let you know the outcome. Andy.
  6. It is one of those after market manuals, i think it came from Australia. The garage that has the Surf, said they have got it all working when they apply a power source to the components,eg. actuator, & vacume solenoid. It's only getting 4-5 volts at the actuator, there are 18 wires going into the ECU, they have identified half of them,but the wiring diagram in the manual is different from the wiring on the vehicle. The garage is a 4X4 garage, specialising in Land Rover's, but they repair all makes. Thank you for your prompt reply. Andy.
  7. I have a 1996 Hilux Surf, KZN 185. I had a problem with the 4 wheel drive not engaging. I bought a new actuator,vacume solenoid, and ecu. The garage who are repairing it have said there is only 4-5 volts going to the actuator. I gave them the manual for the vehicle, with wiring diagrams, but they said they are the wrong one's. I bought the manual from Rough Trax, and is the only one they supply. Is there another diagram for this model, that someone might have.? They need the correct one to trace the supply,and rectify this problem. Are there any repairers who just specialise, in Surf's who might have the correct diagram.?
  8. It does work, but it doesn't stay, in 4 wheel drive. The mechanic who fitted it, tried everything, but wanted to test the actuator,but couldn't. The unit is brand new,we just wanted to know if there is an E.C.U. that controls it.??
  9. I have just had a brand new actuator fitted, but the 4x4 does not engage,everything has been checked, i was wondering, if there is an E.C.U. that controls the actuator, and where it is located.
  10. Andy Wright


    My 1996 Surf,new graffics, designed by me, and put on by a friend.
  11. Does anyone have, a transfer box actuator for a 1996 surf, or know where i could get a reconditioned one. Thanks, Andy.
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