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  1. Thank you for your welcomes and help. Considering the iQ, is there somewhere that explains the different trim levels/specs, eg what's an iQ2 or iQ3?
  2. Thank you very much for the fulsome reply. Are there any comparisons between the MMT and X-shift, as to how improvements were felt by the driver?
  3. I bought a 62 regd Auris hybrid in August, very happy with it. We've been living with 1 car during lockdown and hoping it might end soon am looking at a "City" car. We want an auto with low or no VED tax. We drove a 2010 Aygo, loved the car but the MMT was "not to our liking"! Reading up a bit the mark 2 Aygo seems to have an "X drive" instead of an MMT. Was this a real improvement or just marketing speak? I know the later Yaris's have CVT but would prefer an Aygo sized car if we can find it with a decent auto.
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