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  1. Just want to thank you all for sharing your thoughts and advice! 🤛 This certainly exposes a weak point in Openpilot (as well as almost any other ACC system out there), and teaches me a lesson about never to be complacent about its performance and always staying alert and preparing to intervene as early as possible. In fact, that's why I made the video in the first place and, before I posted here, I shared it with the Openpilot community on Discord to try to increase OP users' awareness of this issue. I also learned about "undertaking", which was sth. I never thought about in the pa
  2. I'm pretty sure that's NOT the case though, as most ACC systems out there (inc. TSS) is only focusing on maintaining a certain distance to the lead car (in this case, the car before me in lane 1) -- as such they don't respond (or even pay attention) to cars in adjacent lanes. Comma Openpilot and Tesla FSD are the two exceptions. They have a specific "cut in" prediction module to try to look for such cases as early as possible. Although in this case, Openpilot didn't foresee this "cut in" (as I explained in the video), and I, being overly dependent on the system at the time, didn't react a
  3. With more cars running on roads with assisted driving systems (like ACC, Openpilot, and Tesla FSD, etc.), I feel like this may soon get blurry 😀
  4. I see. Good point indeed! Previously, my mindset has been that if the car in lane 2 needs to move over to lane 1, then they should signal and make sure there's space for it (just the same as if they needs to use lane 3 to overtake). But yeah, in practice, since people naturally assume cars on left lanes move slower than them, they will inevitably pay less attention when changing over to the left, and hence the risk of overtaking them from left (even just passively as I did) is higher.
  5. Hmmm interesting point. I've always assumed maintaining a good distance to the lead car in one's lane, plus creating ample space for lane-change, would be good enough. But it sounds like you're suggesting additionally not to overtake cars in the right lane? Yep this is great advice! I was indeed a bit too much dependent on the ACC system at the time, and wasn't prepared to proactively disengage it. To be frank, if I wasn't on ACC and was driving by myself, I would have reacted sooner. Appreciate your detailed reply!
  6. (Granted this is not so Corolla-specific, but I'm genuinely curious what you guys reckon.) So I was driving down the A2 motorway the other day in my Corolla TS, with Openpilot activated (it's just a much more advanced adaptive cruise control + lane tracing assist system, compared to the stock TSS). And there was this other car in the slip road, trying to merge onto the highway. As you can see in the video below, my speed was higher than theirs at the time, and they only signaled quite late when they almost reached the end of the slip road. In the end, I was forced to take over a
  7. I just made a new video and the first half covered some of these questions. I would say it is mostly hand-free and foot-free on highways already. I probably only need to intervene once or twice in a one-hour trip. On braking - I'm not sure if you were referring to when it's on city roads, as on highways I actually find it brakes more smoothly than I do! And btw you can tell if it was me or openpilot driving from the color of the surrounding box - it's blue if it's me, and it turns green when openpilot is engaged. MPG does seem like a price you'll pay by using openpilot. I noti
  8. I won't go this far as people have different preferences and ways of life 🙂 My main point would be - if you are intrigued by the idea yet are hesitant simply because you don't know whether it's good enough, I reckon it's time you give it a try. You can probably tell from my videos how well it performs on highways, and I'm happy to share more of my experiences and answer your questions.
  9. Silly me! I didn't realize this forum directly embeds Youtube videos ... So here are the earlier two videos I did ICYI.
  10. Here are two more videos with me using Openpilot on a trip between London and Canterbury via A2 and M2.
  11. Here's me explaining Openpilot on UK city roads. Watch it here 👉 https://youtu.be/C6L0EksBHwo 👈
  12. Watch my experience here 👉 https://youtu.be/fnPHXPGDawA 👈 Let me know what you think 😃 In my opinion, Openpilot does so much better than the stock TSS 2.0 system that I'll never regret replacing it. It literally makes highway driving so very chill. Plus, it has a lot of potentials and will only get better over time. It's like early day Android vs. Nokia Symbian 😉 Previous discussion thread at
  13. Thanks Tim. What I saw was different as there was no "Maintenance" record as shown in your screenshot - I only saw the HHC record. But I don't know whether it's just a delay or if the dealer has corrected anything for me, coz when I checked it again just now, I actually saw a new "Maintenance" record with detail "Carry Out 10,000 mile service", so looks like it's been resolved! 😃
  14. Btw, they tested Openpilot with "2020 Toyota Corolla LE equipped with the Comma Two device" (as listed on the final page of the report), and Corolla, alongside Honda and Hyundai, is considered the best supported cars.
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