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  1. I had my dpf gutted and egr blanked, both deleted from the ecu. I then had an economy remap that has improved mpg to around 60. A side effect is it's a lot nicer car to drive, so much more responsive. Sailed through the MOT with the emissions being less than before, so dont really see the point of a dpf and egr. It's like going for a run when you have a cold and constipated.
  2. Possibly, I'll take a look.
  3. 2012 tourer, is the wiring in place for a tow bar, or do you have to splice it?
  4. Seems like I have found the problem, rain water is not draining away from the scuttle, apparently there are drain holes that can get blocked. The problem now, is finding the drains. Not much info on youtube, Why didn't Haynes do a manual, there have been enough of them sold in the UK???
  5. Estate, but I think the leak is too low to be from the roof area, I am thinking windscreen or door seal. I've just bought some rubber dressing for the seals, I will give that a try.
  6. Yeah, the door was closed, the rubbers seem okay and dry, so I don't think it came in that way.
  7. Gave my T27 a quick wash this morning and it has a leak, I just used a hose so no pressure, the door seal looks okay. Any ideas for fixing the leak and getting rid of the stain.
  8. I bought a 2012 2.0 tourer, great car, no problems apart from the fuel consumption. I struggled to get over 40mpg, anyway Monday I had the EGR valve blanked and deleted and also the DPF bored out and deleted and also an economy map. What a difference it's like a new car, acceleration is much crisper and I don't have to keep dropping out of sixth. Yesterday I drove 256 miles and averaged 54mpg, very happy, well worth the £400 I paid and will pay for it's self in 10 months.
  9. If you purchase a car during lockdown and they deliver it, the distance selling regulations, mean that you can return it for a full refund, within 14 days.
  10. Local taxi driver has a T27 tourer, 2 months ago it just reached 400k.
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