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  1. It looks like the windscreen scuttle has not been replaced correctly possibly due to forcing it down on broken clips. Raise a complaint with them and they will send out a higher level technician to investigate it.
  2. satts67


    I have tried doing a search but trying get information on remapping a 2013 2.2 DCAT Auto for better fuel economy and power delivery. Has anyone done this either via a tuning box or ecu remap? It is worth it and are there any risks to the engine / gearbox? Thanks
  3. So I have fitted the Alpine 3.5 inch speakers in the dash. Very easy job. Cant believe how poor the original ones were, light as a feather and made of paper! I used these adapters: Connects2 CT55-TY02 Speaker Loom Adapter for Toyota GT-86 2014 The red and black leads need to be connected together and soldered onto normal speaker leads such as the ones that come with speakers.
  4. Rain-ex is a nightmare! Get rid off it. Awful stuff. Clean your screen with some very strong glass cleaner and changer your wipers as it destroys them and coats them in glue. Should also add that rain ex as well as being extremely good at not being able to see through your windscreen is very difficult to remove afterwards. You may need to use a solvent to remove it but do NOT EVER use rain ex on a new windscreen!
  5. Is it required to use 12V and ground if taking from the battery? Thanks
  6. Hi, Thanks all helpful stuff. Where are you siting the Amp? Are you running power from the battery? Are you using speaker lever inputs or a line output converter? Which is best? What about remote turn on? In the video it also talks about splicing and running separate power and ground from the head unit, why is this needed if power is coming from the battery? I already have an Alpine SWE 815 do you know if this will increase speaker volume or only add base? I think it only takes inputs? Sorry for all the questions I am just a bit confused by all the options.
  7. No problem with either. The dotted area at the top of the screen has no tint or metal and is where signals for gps antennas etc can pick up. A sucker will be fine. The A pillar cover is fine for running small cables. I have done it on plenry of cars. The airbag wont be affected. If it does you will get a warning light come up on dash. I bought an Apeman mini from Amazon - wished I hadnt though absolute rubbish imo. No customer support whatsoever. Cheap, menu terrible to use, instructions even worse.
  8. Hi all, 2013 Rav4 with very poor sound can barely hear it at speed even with volume turned right up. I would like to add an amplifier to the standard touch and go and change the speakers. Im ok with the speakers but need some help with adding an amplifier / recommendations etc. Has anyone any experience of this? Many thanks
  9. It is possible (highly unlikely) there could be diesel fuel leak past the piston rings hence the rising oil level. This is harder to detect than water mixing with oil. Had the car been sat idle for a long time? Rings can then rust if the engine hasn't been turned over in a long time. Drain some out take it for a long run (take some oil with you just in case) then check it again. Personally if using a garage the mechanic will charge you for draining some out anyway, maybe worth just doing an oil change for peace of mind.
  10. Hi and thanks for enrolling me to your forums! I would like to note how as a former Peugeot 508 RXH Hybrid owner (and very recent Rav4 owner) - how refreshing it is to see how few problems and faults that are being discussed here compared to the Peugeot forums. They clearly haven't seen the light yet but they will given time. I have a couple of questions already regarding multimedia / satnav and spare wheel or lack thereof but assuming this post is acceptable I will start a separate thread. Stay safe.