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  1. I drive the 2.2 Auto and to be fair its not that bad on fuel. I get around 35mpg which is pretty good considering the size of the car. If you prefer a manual the mpg would be better still. I don't know what the real world difference is in fuel economy between the two engines but I wouldn't mind betting there wont be much in it.
  2. If your car does not have a drive shaft powering the rear wheels yours is a 2WD so look underneath the car. That is how I understand it to be. Also if yours is 115g/km instead of 118g/km that is another clue. As another poster stated this information should be in the log book. If the salesman has mislead you, time to give them some grief. https://www.autoexpress.co.uk/toyota/rav4/97446/toyota-rav4-hybrid-2wd-2016-review
  3. Bottle jacks have their uses im sure but jacking up large SUV's at the side of road isn't one them, I think they are too unstable if the ground isn't flat and solid. Go for a trolley jack. The lifting pints are all fairly obvious. Scissor jacks are ok but only a specific type as they need an attachment if lifting at the seam welds by the wheels. The lifting points at the front and rear require quite a high lift jack. When you get your jack always best to familiarise yourself first where all the lifting points are at home and practice. It isn't always as simple at night stranded at th
  4. A phone cradle is far better and cheaper to be honest. I cannot see any advantage with OEM Navis apart from tidiness. Just my opinion 🙂
  5. satts67

    CD player

    There should be a 3.5mm jack socket next to the USB (2013 not sure about later models) try a jack lead from your portable CD player that will work. You will need to select Aux as the input. You wont be able to skip tracks etc on the steering wheel and there wont be much functionality as essentially you are just using the car as a set of speakers!
  6. Could be any number of things. Where did you wiggle the wires? Is it the original head unit? Unlikely to be a problem with all the speakers if the sound is intermittent, I'd say a loose connection behind the radio itself. Go to a reputable car audio centre and get them to replace the head unit with something modern. Get a quote first for fitting of a radio you like? You don't have to say anything about it not working currently if you are paying them to fit a brand new unit. Kenwood, Alpine, Sony etc all do good cheap aftermarket radios. You will need a facia adapter and harness these shou
  7. Not an awful problem to have really...
  8. If clutch and gear change feels ok (Auto or manual?) are the discs excessively hot after driving? Could a brake calliper be seized as sticking brake pads smell the same.
  9. As above we have DAB radio in UK. You just need to buy the Satellite equivalent kit for the where you live and pipe it through your radio. https://www.amazon.co.uk/SiriusXM-Connect-Vehicle-Tuner-Satellite/dp/B00NJTO4CY/ref=pd_day0fbt_img_2/258-7740693-0961263?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B00NJTO4CY&pd_rd_r=955f8e0f-733e-4c31-9dea-5e0654ebf60b&pd_rd_w=Mqcn9&pd_rd_wg=fUMUE&pf_rd_p=f6f5aa90-f6a1-40fd-9c6c-84e5a0132d83&pf_rd_r=FB81NYTAMTG6E3F59PXX&psc=1&refRID=FB81NYTAMTG6E3F59PXX
  10. I dont use the Nav either. It is very slow and clunky on my 2013. Few quid spent on a phone cradle - job done.
  11. https://toyotadirectparts.co.uk/parts/toyota-rav-4/toyota-rav-4-mk-3/rav-mk-3-accessories/toyota-rav-4-2005-2012-roof-rails-black-rav4/
  12. The reduced towing capacity I believe is due to the weight of the car(Hybrids being a lot heavier) and require heavier braking. This would be amplified towing a caravan. Would the brakes be up to it? On a side note I had a Hybrid Peugeot and the cooling ducts used to cool the |Hybrid battery meant that the radiator grille area was smaller and the car could overheat if towing a heavy load. This may not be true on Toyotas, maybe someone on here can clarify?
  13. Rear parking sensors control module failure?
  14. I am guessing the vast difference in price is one garage is going for the output drive end and just replacing a rear seal. The other garage reckons on removing the TX unit and replacing all seals / gasket which is a huge amount of work. The only real way to tell is ask them to completely clean and degrease the area and go for a drive for a few days then get underneath and have another look. I wouldn't panic over it. It could even have been overfilled in the past which causes pressure. Get them them clean it off and drain the oil and refill to the correct level and see how it goes. BTW I am not
  15. Ok thanks I always did this on Peugeots and thought some Toyotas could be effected by Canbus and BSI as well when changing the battery. My apologies.
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