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  1. Yes car bought new, I will try the machine. Both sides have the same faint outline which tbh is only visible in certain angles.
  2. Sorry for the derailing of Georgey's thread but I have taken off the badges too but there is a very faint outline where the badges used to be when you look closely. I used wd40 then polished it up. Do I need a machine polish to get rid of the outline totally?
  3. Sorry to hear about your car getting nicked. I am surprised though as I didn't think there would be much of a market for stolen corolla parts. Hopefully it is recovered undamaged.
  4. Your local toyota dealer's parts department seems the obvious answer as it's unlikely to be something other firms would bother making.
  5. PMF, yes as Chris has already mentioned the carpet needs cutting away around the hole.
  6. Hi all, driving a 2.0 TS with 18 inch wheels. Fitted the winter wheels this week (17 inch) The 18 inch summer wheel does fit in the load space 😃 Hopefully this information will be of use to others! I also ordered the securing bolt (€2 and part number in pic) from toyota. All the bits pictured fit under the load tray in it's higher setting.
  7. Thanks Luke, that forum suggests the problem is the phone too. I will try a different device to see if android opens.
  8. yes Bob it is either that and or my phone I think!!
  9. Hi Flash, cheers for the reply! At least I now know its installed. Need to have a play with the phone as it was plugged in when I took the pics. It also has android installed.
  10. Hi all, not sure if I am being a luddite but does my car have Android Auto? I have added 2 photos to show why I am confused. Basically the setup menu allows me to select android or car play but I see no icons on the screen. Android is selected in the pic. My phone has android installed and I had the usb cable connected. When I set up a route I can hear the voice instructions through the car speakers but the car screen stays blank. My phone is a Huawei P20 pro. Thanks
  11. When I picked up my 2.0 I asked the salesman which fuel to use. Here in Germany E10 is readily available but he said not to bother with it and use E5 (normal unleaded)
  12. Hi, yes it's the same top speed here in Germany as the UK. 180 is the book speed but can show an indicated 190 when actually on the Autobahn.
  13. Been driving the car for a few days now and I found it to be a very nice place to be ! I my previous car was an astra with the AGR seats which I really liked. However I have been very pleased with the comfort from the sports style alcantara faced seats in my corolla. The car came with the fabric mats but I had the rubber ones added too (including the boot liner)
  14. Just to follow up my original query. I have now bought a 2.0 Lounge TS which as it is German market spec does have the heated wheel. Pic shows the switch location. The elements are at the 2-4 and 8-10 position on the steering wheel (approximately)
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