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  1. next time you have a car boot stall get a screwdriver or a round bar and move the locking latch in the boot door lock to the locked position, you'll see the boot light go out then to unlock the latch so you can close the door just press the button on the tailgate as normal.
  2. have you checked that the fan is working
  3. behind the grill for the battery air intake i think there is a filter on the later models that can become clogged remove the rear seat cushion then remove the filter trim the filter should be visible, if you put your hand under the seat cushion you will find the securing lug on each side once found place a hand either side of the lug and pull upwards to release the seat base.
  4. take a look at this link as the optimum plus comes with an engine warranty as well https://tunit.com/warranties/ this shows how much confidence the company has in its products
  5. i have used the pedal box+ and they are also great to have fitted on your car the amount of lag that is removed from the accelerator pedal is amazing
  6. here is a link for silicone eater https://www.diydirect.com/everbuild-silicone-eater-100ml-limited-stocks-use-by-date-expired-but-perfectly-usable?gclid=CjwKCAjwoNuGBhA8EiwAFxomAwPmJsozPog4-0rOPjAqvvf8PP91DPTuRqKvzo4_jgI-GHr8WLfXnxoCJVUQAvD_BwE
  7. once the light is off i would smear some vaselene where the gasket sits you will see the outline of the seal on the bodywork this will help the removal of the light in the future. have you thought of using leds instead since the bulbs are blowing often
  8. many years ago i used the orignal tunit on a 2ltr diesel rover 25 the power / torque increase was amazing, when i sold the car i found the dealer that was reselling it , when i spoke to them he told me he couldn't believe how strongly the car pulled and it took him by surprise when he put his foot down. they arent cheap but you get what you pay for
  9. hi steve the pedal box is good it reduces the lag in the accelerator pedal and makes the car more responsive here is another option for you from tunit https://tunit.com/results/?id=17447
  10. i changed the front discs and pads on our auris hybrid for £115 40 - 60 minutes to complete the job so worth doing it yourself and save a fortune
  11. get a receipt from the dealership for the removal and then talk to their head office regarding whats happened and that you want to be re imbursed by the dealership, if you have no joy then you can take it toyota uk and put a complaint about the dealership toyota uk's phone number is 01737 363633 i hope you get the outcome you want
  12. Hi here is a link for a 14 auris hybrid this is a double din facia https://www.caraudiocentre.co.uk/accessories.htm?CarMake=62&CarModel=829&CarYear=2014 if you went for the double din facia you will be able to fit a large screen the link is for a middle of the road price bracket it has an 8" screen https://www.caraudiocentre.co.uk/product_m-pioneer-sphevo62dab_p-43567.htm
  13. get a can of tyre weld or similar and a compressor if a tyre goes down pump it up and get it repaired you only have to use the sealant if the tyre keeps going down on a journey, with the toyota system you have to use the sealant when you use the pump and then tyre bays dont like repairing tyres that have the sealant in them as they have to be cleaned out before a repair can be done. or as flash has said get a spare wheel you may have to buy a jack and wheel brace as well.
  14. the passenger airbag is turned on, have a look at the icon and its saying not to put a rear facing baby seat whilst the switch is in this position, when the other icon is lit its saying there is no protection for an adult in the passenger seat.
  15. a few weeks ago i was advised that for every toyota service you have your manufacturers warranty is extended by a year, this kind of gets rid of the 2 for 1 extended warranty offer that is / was available the only difference is you wont have the breakdown cover.
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