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  1. i hope you enjoy your new car ,for me we arent ready for full EV vehicles yet and like already said the hybrid is the best compromise at the moment, a neighbour took me out in his 6mth old model3 performance (£68k ish) and i must say the tesla didnt live up to expectations i thought it would be far better than it was, yes it was fast @ 2.3 secs 0-62 but the build quality wasnt a patch on toyota / lexus and the quality of some of the plastics was poor to say the least when you consider the cost of a tesla you should be getting premium materials. i have to say tesla are there with the milage range and have always been the leaders in ev miles. enjoy your new car when it arrives
  2. whats the point in posting help & advice when the op doesnt bother to come back to the forum.
  3. Hi Sue from your pictures i have started to wonder if the colours are to differentiate between the front & rear windscreen washer pumps and maybe this could be the reason the ordered one isnt fitting
  4. my feelings towards main dealer mechanics are they can only unbolt and bolt back on that seems to be the limit of their skill set and dont have the capability to engineer a solution for their customers , indie's on the other hand will only replace the failed item and go the extra mile to change the defective item only.
  5. hi sue would you have a photo of the washer pump you need and also the washer pumps that you have returned we maybe able to help you better with images.
  6. here is a link for you to correct the error
  7. for me it would be the lexus Is300h i've had 2 Is's and they're brilliant, i also had 2 x Auris & a Ct 1.8 hybrid's with driving the above cars i feel i'm in a position to recommend the Lexus its a so much more refined drive over the other cars more responsive you'll have a 48mpg return so its not a thirsty car to own.
  8. if the power socket in the car is ignition controlled then you could tap into this cable for the amp remote, any ignition controlled cable will be ok to use
  9. i think i'd of been the same as you regarding the removal of the bird, at last we have found something useful a fox can do.
  10. have you tried this company they are an independant lexus / toyota specialist i am sure they'll be able to help you especially since the actuator is off the car and they are local to you 01268 783205 info@westfieldmotors.co.uk Westfield Motors ltd. Unit 8 Westfield Close Rawreth Industrial Estate Rayleigh Essex SS6 9RL
  11. have you thought of using a service from Terra Clean https://www.terraclean.co.uk/
  12. i stripped it down again yesterday and removed the sensor in the ducting and gave this a quick clean and so far it has been ok i have tested the fan using hybrid assistant does anyone know what the settings mean for the battery cooling fan on the hybrid assistant app there are numbers and a letter A appears would like to know how ithe fan should be setup
  13. we have an intermittant message for the hybrid cooling system for the battery pack we have already made sure the filter is clean for the cooling fan but this hasn't stopped the message appearing any suggestions would be of a great help thanks
  14. here is a pdf of the installation for the nav the part number are all there for you for sure you will need items a,b & c, 2 x clamps that hold the nav to the head unit and an antenna that can be purchased anywhere. Auris_RHD_T2wGP_PZ490_00334_AIM_003_402_0.pdf
  15. get yourself a 2nd hand nav system and retro fit it yourself just make sure its for the touch 2 system as the navs are different compared to the touch system ( the original) this can be done within 30 minutes max, i've fitted them at work whilst on my lunch break
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