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  1. my car went in for a hybrid heath check today and i told them to also do 12v battery check. They told me nothing wrong with the battery see attachment. The sale advisor told me something interesting that no one has told me before. He said leave the A/C on in the car when i am charging the car on my driveway. This will keep the engine on and charge the battery. I am doubting his advise. First this car has no alternator so why would you even need the engine on and it will drain more power in my eye. Not only that i thought it the hybrid battery charges the 12v not the engine.
  2. the person i bought it of somehow damage the clip on the seat that connects to the car so i only have one side clipping. Cannot even find the clip no where. also lost all the trim clips. just hope he did not to jump start if from there before i bought the car. as it was flat.
  3. The battery is in a compact place. i think side panel might need to be moved to get to negative nut. so people know Yuasa sell 2 type of battery which are the same apart from the terminal swapped around and Yes @TonyHSD that one is the correct one for my battery. Can someone please let me know if they have installed solar panels or battery charger where they connecting it in the car. Reason i ask is some of these car cannot be connected directly to the battery as they have a voltage monitor. So i just want to know where i can hooke the 13w solar if anyo
  4. This is wrong battery as terminals wrong ways. So people are aware
  5. This is correct already tried eurocar parts said no to me already. Toyota dont even know when them back in stock they been waiting a while and the price was 98 plus vat
  6. i got car solar panel i just hook them up 12w ones in future
  7. drove it for 40 mins. but i had the heater on . i read you should have all electric off and toyota website leave it for 60mins standstill on
  8. i think i need a new battery after jump start it work so left it for 30mins stand still. Came back few hours later did not start again. Battery is 5 year old. How long do the Toyota car battery last normaly from new?
  9. thanks i checked on youtube. The car never came with the manual when you buy second hand car. Dont expect to get everything.
  10. Hello Did not use my car or 1 week 2015 and now the battery is flat. What is best way to jump start car without damaging anything. As i know i cannot use my car to jump start another car which is not hybrid but what if i want to jump start hybrid car. You would think as a electronic engineer i would know this Thanks for help
  11. under the footwell driver side there is a button between brake pedal and steering wheel. on the steerting well column what ths it. says set on it I think
  12. Hi Just want to ask dont the buttons on the steering wheel light up in the night? When the lights are on?
  13. Hi Thanks for information. When i got the car serviced i told them website states i need a 5 year/60k service which replaces spark plugs as well. As she put it down as 40k service and only difference is the spark plugs with 60k service. I am so glad they change the spark plugs for me and did it as 60k service. Service was £235 due to club 5+ and as i just got the car and did not have service past 2 years. Thought i go to main dealer. Next service i will do myself. Also i notice last service used 5w30 (with a engine flush) castol and 0w20 is recommended and now it has that. Wh
  14. Hi I bought the wipe from them for 24 pound and he said cheaper one 17 pound but that was is not good one. 24 is metal not plastic. I am planning to do shocks myself as they where only to change one shock but I been advice to change both by local machican due to one being weaker. The CVT is a advisory so I get it done next month when it 5 years in march. The clips they dont stock have to be ordered in as dealer. Thanks for the advice. What I really need to known is the torque measurement for the rear shock nuts. But cant seem to find that information no were f
  15. Hi Just want to say Hi and have a few questions about recent purchase I made on a 2015 Yaris at At 31k. Last owner did last service 2 years ago local mechanic. This year he only did 1k miles and told me that as I dont drive i have not service it but past mot 2 months ago. When I went to see it he said he charged it up as it would not turn on. Also front 2 tyre flat a bit due to sitting. So first think I did 2 days ago did full service at Toyota dealership. They told me all wiper blade gone. Rear shock leaking. Rear brake and pad need replacing due to rust. They als
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