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  1. https://car-solutions.com/en/navigation-system-on-android-6-0-for-toyota-touch-2/ Someone experience with this 🤔🤔 Almost the same as the previous one in this topic . Just some other Company.
  2. Thanks Bob . Yes I know of the Toyota tech site 👍 But I was searching if someone knew the USA based Company ? And purchase something there ? With no problems ? I van find some recensies of the Company 🤔
  3. Hello , Question : has someone experience with this site : https://toyotamaps.online/ Just asking of someone know this site and if it is trustful 😞 https://toyotamaps.online/equipment I'm asking this because I'm interested in the navi products . Greetings
  4. The aftermarket radio's are not plug and play 😞
  5. Thanks a lot Bob . I'll wait a bit longer and further searching for a second hand TAS500 before I go for an aftermarket. Of you see some let me know !
  6. Bob This is the instructie show to install .
  7. Hallo Bob I have seen this product on the web . https://car-solutions.com/en/navigation-system-on-android-6-0-for-toyota-touch-2/ Should It be working on my toyota touch 2 without nav. .? Or do you have of other smart ideas .😉 Thanks in advance .
  8. My Yaris is from November 2019 , Only one year 😞 I also took information about the price of the TAS550 by a toyota dealer in the Netherlands , our neighbour country , but the offer was almost the same as my dealer in belgium 😞 Think you're right , they really don't want to do it ! I will do the job , if I can get the multimedia and cable and panel for a reasonable price . By the way : do you use apple carplay already ? satisfied of it ?
  9. Thanks Flash 😉 Where do you find this information ?
  10. This is my version of the yaris software . Should it need a update ?
  11. Hello Flash 22 Thanks mate . I have an other question as well . Do You know if we can update the software of my touch 2 , ( without navi ) ? And where ? On the picture you see the software nr which is now running . Thanks in advance .
  12. Yes Flash 22 , that's was exact the answer of my toyota dealer as well , he couldn't give guarantee that the reverse camera should work by installing the TAS500 😟 So 1400 € for a new multimedia , but no guarantee that it is working like it has to be is to much . Anyway , I'm going to search for an aftermarket Radio , compatible with carplay ! Any suggestions of a good one ? Fred.
  13. Hello Dave . You have to go to your Toyota dealer ! The Multimedia in the new yaris 2020 is compatible with Apple Carplay , Or should !! When you have a radio like this on the screen in Previous message , that's the right one for apple carplay . When it is like the picture here in this message , the you have troubles , it is not compatible for carplay ! That's my problem as well 😞
  14. Thanks Devon Any Idea where how to find the tool to remove the clips of the Instrument Board ? How does he look like ?
  15. Hello . Somebody experience with removing the multimedia radio in a yaris for another one ? I have plans for installing the TSA 500 ( compatible for apple carplay ) in my car ( if I can get one for a reasonable price 🙂 Or one of the aftermarkets , but which one ? Question one , is it easy to remove the radio and the front panel ? Has somebody bought already the TAS500 ? do you know the reverence nr ? Screen pictures : The TAS500 where I'm looking for ! And a plan to remove the front panel . Thanks in advance . Fred
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