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  1. S@un

    Aygo Spare Wheel

    I was hoping it might be ok to mix for a short period but alright I'll just have to return the spare I bought. Can anyone recommend where I can find a radial ply spare? I can only find cross ply on Ebay. Thanks
  2. Hi All, I decided to get a spare wheel for my Aygo 2016 as it did not come with one. The handbook listed the size of the spare wheel as T125/70R15 and T125/70D15. I don't know anything about wheels so figured a spare with either of those specs would do. I found a T125/70D15 on Ebay and bought it only to realise that the other wheels on the car are R15. After a little bit of Googling, my limited understanding of what R and D mean is that they are constructed slightly differently and should not be mixed on the same axle. Can anyone advise whether I can still use the spare? Or should I retur
  3. Ok. So nothing to be concerned about then? Was worried that there could be an issue since it was so loud...
  4. The aircon is off. Would the radiator cooling fan still come on if it's off?
  5. Hi All, I have a 2016 Toyota Aygo xshift. I am hearing a loud noise when reversing. It sounds like a fan coming on for about 10s and then goes off and then comes back on again after a minute or so. It's coming from under the bonnet and seems to happen after a couple of minutes of maneuvering to reverse into a parking bay. Is this normal? Here's an audio recording. The noise starts around 5 secs into the recording and goes on till 0:17. Sounds like a loud hover on the recording. Any ideas what this is? Many thanks, Shawn
  6. S@un

    Aygo Rear Bumper

    Great. Will try painting over 🙂 Glad I don't have to worry about rust
  7. I have a Toyota Aygo x-play 5dr 2016. Does anyone know what the rear bumper is made of? Is it plastic? I have a couple small but fairly deep chips on it. Should I be worried about rust? Thanks in advance. Shawn
  8. Thanks for confirming. For a minute I thought the lights were not working properly. Previous car had 2 reverse light so was a bit puzzled by the Aygo...
  9. Hi, I have just bought a Toyota Aygo x-play 2016. While testing the lights, I noticed that only one reverse light (on passenger side) and one fog light (on driver side) come on. Does the Aygo come with only 1 reverse and 1 fog light? Or is this an issue with the lights? Thanks in advance. Shawn
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