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  1. You absolute life saver. Thank you for sharing!! :D
  2. Hey everyone, So I have had a MK2 Aygo screen put into my Mk1. (All working great!) however the only issue I find is when I am using the Apple Carplay feature, the screen is extremely bright, especially in the evenings when driving and using Waze. Does anyone know how to turn the brightness down? I have even tried turning down in the screen's original settings but this makes no difference to Apple Carplay..
  3. What is actually different with the MK2 wheel compared to the MK1? The only thing I have noticed different is the lane keeping assist button?
  4. Hi everyone, I have a 2015 Aygo X-Cite but it sadly has the "knob" controlled heater controls. I have seen on the higher spec models they have the digital controls, I was wondering if these are changable if so how easy and has anyone done this? I have attatched some pictures of my current controls compared to the upgraded ones. Thanks!
  5. Looks smart that! Enjoy! I have had my Aygo X-Cite 2015 model for about a month now and I am very impressed with the Aygo!
  6. Thanks both. I have seen mixed reviews on the cplay2air adapters. I have heard about this "audio glitch" but then again without trying I wont know! Will give this adapter a go and report back. Thanks!
  7. Not to worry! I managed to source one last night and have just installed it. I cannot believe how easy it is to install! Carplay is fantastic. Thanks for the offer though with the phone number!
  8. Hey everyone, So after weeks of searching I finally managed to get my hands on a new X-touch screen from the Facelift Aygo that has Apple Carplay and its now been installed into my 2015 Toyota Aygo and I am very happy! My questions is, is anyone using an adapter to allow Carplay to work wirelessly without the charging cable? I have seen some adapters on eBay but they say they do not work with Factory fitted screens and only android based ones, just wondered if anyone had any luck with any adapters? Thanks!
  9. I am struggling to source a facelift screen for my Aygo (facelift one). How easy is the screen to replace could you possibly post some instructions? I am looking at doing the same but as mentioned struggling to source a screen. - any advice on where to look would be helpful! Also how much did your replacement stereo cost roughly if you dont mind me asking?
  10. Thanks for this. Will give it a go. Does the link for the software include the system or just audio? Bit confused..
  11. Hey everyone, I am looking at updating my X-Touch screen to the latest software version. Could anyone please tell me the best way of going about this or where I can get the file from for the latest version? I have attached a screenshot of my screen's version not sure if this is the latest software build for it? IMG_0159.HEIC
  12. I believe that the pre-facelift headunit is pretty much obsolete now (for Mirror link). After some reading Android phones work with it better compared to iPhone as only iPhone 4s and previous works with this head unit.
  13. I agree! It would be much easier to just sell and get another RHD vehicle unless you have almost all of the parts ready from the donor car.
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