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  1. Hi Adib_1802, My reason for the cheap price is due to the MOT for cars being introduced here. The speed limit here is 40 MPH. The Carina has been services annually and instead of crushing the car if any one needs spares, etc they can have the car cheap. Regards Martin
  2. I want to see if there is any interest in my 'for sale' post. At present I am only able to see archived for sale items. Regards Martin
  3. The 1987 Carina 2 is unleaded petrol. Does about 35 miles to the gallon. It is not chased with the auto gearbox doing the work.
  4. Eng. Number 4A-K62X 080 73 Model A1151R-TLPNSW-3G7YM12-562A240LA Chassis 14359 Purchased Aug. 1987 Mileage @18/11/2020 57,099 The above vehicle has 4 good doors (nearside front was vandalised in its first month by anti-Japanese car person), but no rust has come through repair. Manual windows. Engine starts first time. This car has been in the family since new and only used locally (Jersey C.I.). Starts first time. New tyres last year. For photos and DVS documents please request by email. The Carina has parked outside for last 4 years (renovating the house) and front off-side rusting (lost front off-side mud flap in last snow). Price: £1-. Please contact: Martin Emmanuel
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