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  1. Looking forward to seeing this in the metal, seems like an ideal replacement for our excellent Aygo X-Wave.
  2. Hi we have had our 2015 Aygo for 11 months now & have found it to be a great car, the main appeal of it being the Funroof, which sets it apart from other boring cars without them! Also, as its a Toyota,i wouldnt worry too much about the roof failing.
  3. Ok.thanks to all of you for the advice,my wifes not slept properly since next doors Celica was done 4 nights ago!
  4. Hi i was told by my local Toyota dealer today that they do not sell Cat Locks for my 2015 Aygo as they do not get nicked. Anyone know if this is true? Thanks.
  5. Hi i have replaced my 2015 X-Waves bulbs with what Petroldave bought from ABD & i am very pleased with the improvement.
  6. Great looking car,we have an X-Wave Aygo that we love,but would definitely trade up to one of these. Lets hope they dont spoil the production model.
  7. FOUND IT! Thanks for the help.
  8. Thanks for that Dave,will have a go if it ever stops raining!
  9. Hi anyone know where the pollen filter is located on the mk.2 Aygo & whether it is easy to change?Thanks. ?
  10. Hi thanks for the reply,i figured it out by the old fashioned method of trial & error! Cant believe how much easier theyve made it after struggling with our old mk.1 Aygo bulbs for 40 mins in the cold.Just waiting for delivery of my Phillips 150% HI Powers now
  11. Hi anyone changed mk.2 headlight bulb?
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