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  1. Yes I know there are many posts covering the subject but I could not find any relating to the Yaris. My suspicions have now been confirmed - that they are not targeted because they are not easily accessed. I was just looking for confirmation. Thanks.
  2. Hi all, I am curious to know if anyone knows of cat thefts from Yaris's? I know that according to news reports the Auris and Prius have been targeted a lot, but I am not aware of any Yaris owners suffering from cat theft.
  3. Hi, I am also a fairly recent convert to hybrid motoring and also have a new style Yaris. A friend of mine who has a 2015 Auris just had his catalytic converter stolen and now I am beginning to worry that mine may be at risk. I've searched here, there and just about everywhere on the net but cannot find any stories of Yaris's being targeted by thieves. I may be wrong but I believe it may be due to the fact that the cat in a Yaris is different - according to a picture I saw on eBay of a seller who has listed a second hand cat for a yaris. It appears to be very close to the exhaust manifold f
  4. Hi everyone, Just bought my first ever Toyota - a 2 year old Yaris petrol/hybrid and so far I am very much impressed. I may go on to use it as a driving school car. Cheers, all, Paul.
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