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  1. I have just unpaired at both ends and repaired and said yes. I then switched the car off and then on again and the phone did connect correctly. Will try again a bit later and see if it still works. I am not able to try another phone at the moment but will do so when I can. Thanks for all the help.
  2. Software Version - E3896 Model ID:13TXDAEU-CA02
  3. Eventually I can pair it and it works OK then I switch the car off and when I restart it it fails to reconnect. Today I stopped for petrol and when I restarted the car the connection failed. Both the phone and the car see each other but when I press connect for phone on Toyota Touch the connection fails. I have to do a restart on the phone and go through the blue tooth setting on the phone to get it to connect. Should I suspect the phone?
  4. I have a 2016 Yaris with Toyota Touch. Every time I start the car the blue tooth does not automatically reconnect to my Samsung Android phone. Both devices see each other but the connection fails. The only way I can get the connection to work is to restart the phone. Is the problem with my phone or the Toyota Touch.
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