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  1. Yeah I do brim to brim calcs. The computer reads a bit higher at 32-33. And wierdly, the best economy is on the motorway at 80 thats why I mentioned it. At 70 on cruise control it drops to 28, town and A roads it is down to 25. I kind of feel like there is something wrong rather than my driving, I am not a leadfoot. I have tried driving really slow, or really heavy accelleration from lights etc, and all in between, its just giving v poor milage. I regularly get 48 out of my 2.2accord tourer on motorway commutes. The rav has never been above 31.
  2. My Rav 4 has crummy economy and I am not sure how to solve it. If I do a long motorway journey at 80mph in 6th, I get 30-31mpg, others say thay get 38-44. I have done several 15min at 4000rpm motorway jaunts to clear the DPF but did 2 x 100 miles yesterday and its still poor. Any ideas?
  3. Sorry for the late update, changed my filter for an original one and problem has gone away. Thanks for the advice all.
  4. I dunno, but I will check! Is it easy to change?
  5. My 2008 57k miles D4D has developed a weird problem, when it gets to 1/4 tank or less it starts to misfire (I think) it judders ut to 3000rpm. When I refill it goes away? Ok I could always keep the car above 1/4 tank but .....
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