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  1. If you have been involved in similar tasks other times, it is not difficult \ Check for stuck parts with points What you need to do if you decide to do it yourself is to buy some clips in case someone breaks. Take several photos in detail so you will not have a problem
  2. The diagnostic machine that checks the injectors the technician is from Toyota; You must also keep in mind that the injectors must be checked while the vehicle is moving in order to have a complete picture of the injectors. It does not only reach immobility and idle or throttle
  3. These are not serious answers from professional engineers Short glow plugs are more likely to cause this problem, even if the nozzle is actually "peeing" and smoke is a symptom. Must be a qualified engineer only for nozzles with a suitable TOUOTA machine
  4. Also check the glow plugs as the symptom is there How many kilometers does the meter write? Does the vehicle burn oil after what you did?
  5. You can probably replace it. However, as a code of this screen I have not seen it. You also need to untie the box inside this sieve and clean it. So I did in my own case. Send me the video if you have it
  6. It is a plastic sieve that has nothing to do with a filter
  7. The fuel filter in the tank does not change by itself. Simple to clean. It is integrated with the tank pump
  8. The order of magnitude of prices for spare parts in the region of Greece is far from the prices in your country For example, the codes mentioned by flash22, in Greece were sold for up to 35 euros (53875-02310 dome)
  9. In the photo you show the butterfly is placed in the car; Do you have a symptom and do you think that the specific component is to blame? We have to look at the accessory from the other side as well If you can, upload more photos
  10. Toyota with Ford is a lost comparison You made the best choice Welcome to TOUOTA
  11. good morning I think you should start by cleaning the EGR valve as these models do not have a fault code on the instrument panel when it comes to these symptoms.
  12. Good evening tony The rusty screw in the second photo is from the motor support base;
  13. However, many words I can not understand here guys. Am I not translating correctly? What could be wrong?
  14. Dealing with this chronic problem in my car even though I changed the code: 23280-0N010 (spare valve part 80 euros +) after advice from the local dealer Touota of course, nothing changed at all. I have already changed the code: 00128 00116 (pump valve) The car whenever it smokes has high speeds without being able to determine the causes, and the kilometers on the dashboard are 190,000 Note that: pump, injectors and related components are tested and working normally Once you have raised the issue, any new information will be very helpful
  15. We are talking about this spare part?
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