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  1. Checked seat connectors and all seem fine. Seen a few videos stating the occupancy sensor needs to be reset but for some reason this module does not show up on techstream
  2. Hi everyone, just wondering if someone can assist with the issue. The Airbag light is illuminated on the dash but Techstream is showing no fault codes. The airbags were replaced and the module reset but can't seem to shift the airbag light. Any help welcome Thanks
  3. Hi, just on the verge of completing a salvage rebuild on the Corolla and ran into a fault whereby none of the parking sensors engage nor does the PKSB system. The front parking sensor loom was damaged but I soldered the broken cables together. Any other things to check for i.e is there a fuse etc? Many thanks.
  4. Just an update as managed to resolve the issue. There was a crack in the inlet manifold as well as the 12v being shot. New manifold and battery and all is great now. Thanks to all for your help 🙂
  5. The hybrid battery is showing 1 bar of charge. It does start and go into ready mode albeit for 3 or 4 seconds before shutting everything down
  6. Thanks for the replies, its the agm type which is in the boot. I charged it overnight until the charger stated it was full. Shows 12.5v with ignition off. It was reading 10.9 volts when I started to charge it
  7. Will need to get it transported to a garage, does anyone know how to put it into maintenance mode to try and charge the hybrid battery?
  8. It will go into ready and start the engine only for a few seconds when until hybrid system shutdown message appears. I'm thinking maybe the hybrid battery charge itself is very low?
  9. Yes it was bought from salvage but it was running okay before it was parked up a few weeks ago
  10. Hi guys, hoping someone can help here. Car is a 2019 Corolla 2.0 Hybrid and is displaying a fault stating that the Hybrid System Stopped - Steering Power Low. The car has been parked up for a few weeks and was fine before this. I have trickle charged the 12v battery but that has made no difference. The car is not under warranty due to a previous collision. Any help appreciated please Thanks
  11. Hi, looking to swap out the dashboard on my 2016 Auris Hybrid, can anyone kindly point me in the right direction on a DIY guide? Thanks
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