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  1. Thanks for the links to the cvt . I thought they were still belt driven
  2. I didnt know there was a difference, can you tell me how they differ
  3. found it thanks, certainly not obvious
  4. its the one in the arm rest I am using, I thought it may be the wrong one as it says charging on it, I didnt see another though and as it was dark and cold I gave up, will try again today
  5. I didnt buy it (company car), I did visit a few dealers but it was appt only so never got a chance to even sit in one, will be doing 150 miles today so will find out if it "fits"
  6. will try another cable, was getting fed up and cold. Is there only the one usb port in the centre console.
  7. That was quick, car just arrived and it is MY21, thanks for all the advice, just spent ages trying to connect Android auto though with no success
  8. I hope its a MY21 and not one thats been sitting for a while
  9. hadnt thought of that, as we have usually had to wait for up to 6 months when ordering previous new cars
  10. I ended up ordering the 2.0 design in white, just before xmas, I dont think the order was put through till beginning of Jan, with an estimated delivery date of 1/3 which seems a bit quick, does that seem right ? a 2 month lead time?
  11. Thanks again guys, a bit of a hiccup , I sent my request for a 2.0 design in grey, only to be told the mettallic takes it over my allowance, if I want the that car it has to be solid white. I suspect I would get the same response if I went for the 1.8 excel in grey as that is more expensive. thinking my only option for a car in grey would be the 1.8 Design or the GR. Not a lover of white but considering I spend nearly all my time inside it , I am thinking of going for the 2.0 in white
  12. Looks good Gray86, seats are a big improvement on the previous MY. one more question does the Design have the blind spot monitoring , or do all models have it, not that I have needed it in 40 years of driving
  13. Thats great news ( of course i meant cm not inches) and thanks for measuring
  14. thanks for all the replys guys. I am fairly certain I am going to order the 2.0 Design in manhattan grey, anyone else have that colour?. I havent managed to even sit in one yet though, been to a few dealers but all have been busy, social distancing etc etc. I wanted to measure the height between the lowest point of the load cover and the floor of the boot. ideally I would like it o be more than 41 inches to fit my tool bag in with cover over.. dont suppose anyone has the answer ?
  15. MPG isnt an issue only in the fact its more fill ups and I only have the TS option
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