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  1. The rear looks so much better now. I hate the silver strip on top of the windows, looks out of place as the bottom strip is black.
  2. I was only going on by what the dealer told me and a quick Google search. I stand corrected then, my apologies to you
  3. Well that's kind of reassuring in the sense that maybe there isn't a problem. But surely dealer and UK customer services would state the same. 10l in reserve is also a bit o. t. t What worries me now though is how do all the other owners I'm spoken to get 55l without driving around for up to 100 miles with the orange light on.
  4. I fill up whenever I'm near the petrol station so it could be before the light and after the light coming on. The other day I ran it low again and the car came up with fill up now instead of a numbered range. I didn't put much fuel in the though as it was due to go in to the dealership. If the issue has been widespread in the US then I don't understand how its not the same here as both EU cars and US cars are built in the states and would not have different parts for different markets when it came to the fuel tank
  5. I'm convinced that I have this issue with my car, but as of today Toyota claim there is no issue and is shutting down my case. So my car is a 69 plate awd model and I've never been able to get more than 46/47 litres of fuel in to the tank, despite it having a claimed 55 litre capacity. The evidence I provided to Toyota was that on a full tank of fuel I did around 450 miles with a claimed average of 44.4 mpg on the trip computer. On the next refill with the range showing 1 mile left I could only fit 45.71 litres of fuel which then according to the trip calculator I would get 420 mil
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