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  1. Actually, I have an acquaintance who is a Toyota sales manager. I might ask him to ask his mechanic about the cats on the new Corollas, both 1.8 and 2.0L versions, just to see what he thinks about the location and ‘stealability’, and also what he makes of the photo above - which part has actually been stolen, and if it needs a whole entire new cat assembly to repair it. I’ll report back.
  2. And therein lies the problem. Especially if the repair means a whole new cat assembly anyway
  3. Just been reading around about these ‘cat plates’ and the RAC website says insurers consider it a modification, and so could invalidate insurance / raise premiums (see my thread re: aborted idea to hardwire a dash cam when insurer said it was a modification and wanted to triple my premiums!). You just can’t win with insurers, they’ve got the biggest racket going and we’re all at their mercy. Has everyone who fitted a cat plate informed their insurers?
  4. Well this is shocking news as received wisdom on here was that the new Corolla was ‘safe’. I specifically queried this with the salesman before I bought mine (2L version) who said it had been redesigned and was impossible to get to ‘without dismantling the engine’ etc etc. I wondered why my insurance renewal was around 110% more last month, with every single company (I have no points, no claims, have not made any other changes etc) - the insurers have obviously become aware it’s a vulnerable car.
  5. Appreciate that! Do you mind me asking what you paid? Was it brand new or used? I saw one at a scrap yard at £200 (inc tyre)
  6. I've been meaning to check eBay for one and you've beaten me to it! I'm off to search for one now! To help my search, what is the exact search criteria / spec I should use?
  7. Hello, how much did this glasscoat treatment cost? I’m having a really tough time even getting ballpark estimates online or via email. Everyone says ‘bring the car down so we can discuss it’ and I don’t really have time. thanks!
  8. Just checked & mine is all ok. Maybe log in/out of the app or delete / re-pair the app to the car?
  9. That’s interesting. Mine was on the rear (thankfully, from what you say) and I had to drive some 30 miles on it, including motorway (but never exceeding the 50mph max limit). I didn’t know what you say. So; you’d suggest for a front wheel puncture, putting a healthy rear wheel on the front and the space saver on the rear, every time?
  10. Also maybe worth mentioning that KwikFit can order the Falcon tyres that come as standard for same day fitting and cost £75 (ish). I realise may be cheaper on line etc, but for the ‘I need a new tyre today’ scenario, it’s good to know.
  11. Hello, Just thought I’d post this, to help anyone ‘googling’ in future. Last night I had a puncture, so removed the wheel and put the space saver on (which saved the day!), and can report that the full size wheel that I removed (alloy & tyre) *easily* fits in the wheel well in the boot, and still allows the boot floor to be on the lower setting. The ‘hollow’ shape of the alloy also means there’s plenty of space inside the wheel once secured in the wheel well, to store all the tools. Useful to know for anyone going touring who will want to take a full sized spare wit
  12. I echo the above. I had my heart set on RAV4 but at (at least) £10k more than the Corolla TS model (used models), I didn’t want to stretch that far. Plus it seemed a little too big, but on reflection it would have been a better choice for twins from the Toyota stock.
  13. That was precisely my thought process. I never even thought that a pretty standard baby seat would cause such space issues in any estate car, tbh, so getting the Toyota Hybrid estate seemed a no brainier. It seems that for the Corolla, the internal space is the same as the smaller versions - just with a larger boot. With larger estates eg the A6 Avant, the whole car is stretched and you have much more internal space. if you have just one baby seat, then put it behind the passenger seat and you’ll be fine.
  14. I know, I wasn’t comparing them. That’s why I said I wished I’d gone for the [bigger] Audi A6
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